13 October 2005

Relocated and still playing with my needles

Hey all, I've decided to try out blogger for a bit. I've tired of the process with LiveJournal, and I think they "share" my email address with other. Not good! The spam has gotten way out of control for me.

While I haven't been blogging, I have kept up the stitching. I am working on a Christmas Stocking for my friend Cathy's little one. You remember Cathy, the one I made the two blankets, sweater, and hat for.....well, she requested a special stocking for her little peanut, and I agreed. Reluctantly, but I did agree nonetheless. So, after looking at a multitude of knit and crochet patterns I thought back to the stocking I attempted last year and remember how BAD it looked, and then realized that I don't want to learn to make socks, at least not yet Dixie ;). I headed off to Michael's in the hope of finding inspiration. I did, in the form of a cross-stitch kit. I'm not sure exactly where my common sense had gone at that moment in time, but I thought the $9.99 kit was a good compromise to the knit/crochet debacle I was headed for. Yeah, not so much. In retrospect, it would have been simpler to learn to knit a sock. **sigh**

So, I've been working on the stocking, and it is slooooow going. I've got pictures of the progress, and if I can figure it out, I will post them.

There probably won't be an SnB gathering today. I fear the Thursday Atwater group has lost steam...interest...time for the meetings. Ah well, there are always the Sunday gatherings to look forward to.

The pictures/progress:
The Kit. What is should look like in the end...I couldn't get the image to turn in the right direction and gave up, but you get the idea. :)

I think this was after three weeks of work, pics taken on Thursday, 6 October.

These pictures were taken on Monday, 10 October. You can see some progress, right?

I think I'll be blind and crazy by the time it's done, but it will make her happy, hopefully. Well, I better get back to my needle!

ttfn! tb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't want to make me a stocking for Christmas too? After all, it's my birthday too. :->


13 October, 2005 13:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What?? Losing steam? Nah, just a temporary slump


13 October, 2005 14:18  
Blogger Monica said...

I have a blog and my Friend John (Crapo)mentioned Tevana, is this Tevana from New York?????? this is Monica :)

14 October, 2005 18:33  
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