19 October 2005

Hail? What do you mean hail?

So, it's been rainy here and I LOVE IT!!! I'm a relocatee (is that a word?) from New York, and I miss seasons terribly. On Monday, while I was nervous about driving, I was estatic that it was rainy. I was on the phone with an acquaintance watching the rain, and the drops started to look white and to make a plinking sound, and then the entire courtyard was covered with hail. I couldn't think if a descriptive ball to compare the size to, but I heard walnut-sized. I'm on the second floor and I don't think they could have been any larger than hazelnuts, pecans at the most. Anyway, it's dried up now, but still grey! :)

I'm still working on the stocking. I feel like I should name it or something. It's been in my life so long, and will be here for a while more. This is the little one it's for:

Don't you just LOVE B&W photos...that's her dad's arms she's in.

So, I actually took a break from it on Saturday. My aunt's father (she's married to my uncle) passed away earlier this month and I went to the memorial service. The Stocking requires too much space to work on while travelling, so I took one of George's hats...got it mostly done. 10 more rows I think, then I have a black one and a light blue one to finish up. The black one is cast on already and the other is completely unstarted. I love this color, it's deep deep cadet:

And the stocking.......here's my progress as of Saturday:

...and as of this morning...not going too badly, right?

Not much else going on for me. I've got Gab & Brian's afghan started, and it's the same color as George's hat above, just a different type of yarn. Perfect Match to be exact. Feels crunchy to me when I'm working with it, and makes my skin crawl, but as Danielle told me it washes up so soft and comfy. Next will be the wrap for my WW leader Carol. She's wonderful and celebrating the 10th anniversary of her 50th birthday this year. I want to make the wrap for her to take with on her birthday cruise. Her sister & mother are taking her for a 16 day trip around the Hawaiian Islands....If only I had a sister. :)

That's all for now!


Anonymous Dixie said...

"Relocatee" might be okay...but I think the cultural differences between the East and West coasts might justify the use of the word "expat..."

19 October, 2005 14:10  
Blogger Monica said...

I didnt want to put your last name HELLO Tevana!!!!

Just wondering where you were, yes Im dating David, hes the bald guy in the blog!!!! Yes I escaped WW

Johns blog is in my links but he dosent updyte email him and freak him out!!

you write so well, I suck at writing my blog is dribble.... check out kill the goat blog on my link she writes well

19 October, 2005 19:38  
Anonymous mortgage current rate said...

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