26 October 2005

more phones and driving....less needle play

Okay, I tried to update this thing yesterday HOWEVER, my boss REQUESTED that I meet him downtown again. I sort of refused, but did agree to go over to Pan Pacific Regional Park. Not sure why (it's the park the personal trainer tried to kill me at), and I wish I’d thought to go over to Suss while I was there, but ah well. I went home for an hour before going back to the office. I chatted with Tara for a bit, ate some Rollitos (no, not on the WW plan) and came to work. Today I’ll be updating QuickBooks and going to lunch with Erin. Hopefully, I’ll get in some needle time too. I don’t think I’ll be able to SnB tonight. I volunteered to help pack food bags for AIDS shut-ins with LA Works. It's in North Hollywood and goes from 6-8pm. I'm going to try to pop into Priscilla's before I head home.

Okay, on to needle news. I went down to the fashion/fabric district on Saturday. I decided to make a birthday gift for my WW leader. I decided on a shawl/wrap made out of Brilliant in Black, and wanted to put beads along the short edges. So, Tara and I headed down to the area. I found a meter to park at half way between Bohemian Crystal and Levine's. I told her, we have to hurry, I've got a limited number of quarters. So we walked to Bohemian Crystal first, and it was closed. UGH! We went further to a bead store with a big sign, and they had a shitty selection that was way over priced. So we went back to this place next to Bohemian Crystal and I got some beads there.

Here is the start of the wrap, and the beads, they're hematite and black glass. I think I want to scallop the beads in threes along the edge.

I also got fabric and needles at Levine's. I either heard or read somewhere that Bryspun needles are good for lace. So, I'm going to give the peach piece another go. Not sure the needles will improve my abilities, but I'm going to try. Dixie just be patient with me.

Here is the stuff I'll be working with, including the pattern and yarn that spawned it all:

Here is the kit.

Here is the yarn that I'm obsessed with.

Here are the tools that I'm hoping will make it all possible. :)

Other than that. I got done with George's black hat and have started on the last one, the powder blue. After I finish this all that's left to do is stich up all three and set a date:

And of course The Stocking. Not a whole lot of action on it, but got some of the ribbon portion finished beneath the first round of the horn...

I think that's all of my needle news. In other news I just averted disaster and headed off a visit from the boss. He's re-ordered the Palm Treo, and I have to send back the Samsung. HOWEVER, he wants me to learn to use the phone before he does. WTF? I explained that I can work on transferring the info from the original Palm to this one, but he must learn to use it himself AND connect the service in order to do so. I'll see if that bit sticks with him. Wish me luck. Burn a candle or something!!!!

all for now!


Blogger Danielle said...

I think if I burn that candle at both ends it will be more symbolic :-)
oh and good freaking luck with the mohair lace thingy.

26 October, 2005 09:50  
Anonymous Christine said...

Wow! You got a lot of work done on the shawl. Sorry to hear about your boss' demanding ways. Next time you come downtown, stop by and see me at work!

26 October, 2005 10:37  

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