01 May 2007

Step Three: Big Changes Afoot

I currently have, in hand, the approval for the consult with the surgeon. Why am I not screaming excited you ask? It’s because I’ve been approved for a different surgeon than I requested. I’m lucky that they approved me for the Huntington group and not the Arcadia one, but c’mon! If I ask to go see Alan why would they say okay you can go, but you can only see David? Damn them!

So, I’m sitting here, shaking my knees and waiting for the office manager from the surgeons’ office to call me back. I’ve gotten to know her at the support group meetings and she might be able to tell me if I can see the surgeon I want instead of this guy they’ve chosen for me. My life sure ain’t been too easy. . . (does anyone know whose lyrics those are?)

There is balance, right? Does it? Will it ever be out of balance for me in on the good side of the scale? I’m tired.

In other news; my brother’s wife had the baby. Senaiah Milan. She was 7 lbs 8ozs, 20 and a half inches long. She’s quiet, sleeps a lot…very cute. I made a hat and booties for her to take with me to the hospital yesterday, and I took the parents ice cream.

I’ve been working on the socks for my classmates, and the shawl for my mother….I actually haven’t touched the shawl since Thursday, but it’s at the top of the queue. I had lots of studying to do…still have lots of studying to do. I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Well, now I’ve gotten my approval and I still have to wait. I really hope this helps the Tevana Patience System!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Auntie Tevana!


02 May, 2007 10:04  
Anonymous Dixie said...

But you got the approval! That's the hard part, right?

Congratulations! :)

(Are you going to be at the Burbank S&B tonight?)

02 May, 2007 10:39  

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