26 December 2006

I Found Them!

I found the blue socks! I'm sooooo happy. They were in the last place I looked...I know you're saying, of course they were, why would you keep looking after you found them!?!?!?! But what I mean is that they were in the last place I had left to look. If they hadn't been stuck in this bag I was going to assume the elves broke in and stole them. I finished up the brown ones this weekend so I can mail them off this week. One more gift off the list!

My Christmas was uneventful. I went to visit my cousin and her family in the early afternoon and then headed down to dinner in Fullerton. I volunteered to make Macaroni and Cheese plus corn bread for the dinner. There was NO mac-n-cheese left...and only a little bit of the corn bread. We had a good time. I didn't do homemade gifts for family this year, they never seem to appreciate them. I still need to get something for my sister-in-law who's taken to saying she doesn't want anything but a healthy baby! Ugh! Plus an SUV, and custom made baby furniture. Jeez, what does that leave me to work with? I'm thinking gift card from Macy's.

One of the few things I did knit to gift...well, for someone else to gift were socks made of Homespun. Yeah, I know. I'm not quite sure how it all came about, I tried to steer the giver towards Wool-Ease Chunky, but she wanted the softness of Homespun. They were a quick knit after I got the sizing correct, but that took me three tries. They were pretty warm too.

Other than that, I started a blanket for my co-worker...maroonish, and I got 2 pounds of love and once they're knitted, the party is over. No pictures of this yet. It's still small, and not very interesting. I'm using the pattern for the base of the French Market Bag...square with a bit of interest with the lines created by the M1s.

I think that's all the news that I've got that's fit to print. I'll work on getting some pictures up in the next day or two. Just one more free weekend before school begins again.


Anonymous daniella said...

ok, this is really strange.I kept trying to see if you had updated your blog (in the past weeks)and nothing, and even an hour ago,and nothing, and now, two posts. What gives? yes, please keep up your blog! I am prolly going to start mine up again but this time with no mention on crappy hocket teams.
All your projects are beautiful!

26 December, 2006 13:42  
Blogger Toni said...

Of course we read your blog (o:


27 December, 2006 14:07  

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