18 December 2006

I really have been busy

The quarter finally ended...and early too. I was so excited. I took my last test on Sunday (12/17) morning and was home in bed before 2:30pm Sunday afternoon. The day was beautiful, but I could think of nothing but sleep. I of course didn't sleep, but worked on packing up my Christmast gifts to mail off and finishing a few things.

I have actually been knitting, just not blogging about the knitting...I don't have the time. It's the guilt of not posting pictures that stops me from posting, but I think I may be back on track now. Plus one of my friends told me she forgot I even had a blog, WTH? If no one is reading, why am i writing? Comment to let me know you're out there.

I didn't do a lot of Christmas knitting. I didn't have the time, and the one thing that I thought I would finish in time hasn't been touched in three weeks. C'est la vie!

I decided, under some pressure, to finish the cuffs I promised Joseline some months ago (read: 8 months ago). She's waited patiently and I have come thru in the end with the cuffs for her and for her to gift. I'm calling it my black collection:

You can't really tell what the beads look like, but they came out really nicely. The one on the right is my favorite. The beads are clear black with a silver lined center. They're so sparkly, so pretty. The one in the middle is my gift to her. It matches a necklace her sister-in-law gave her. And the one with the white beads is the one set she chose for herself. I was really pleased with the outcome, if not the pictures. :)

I also finished up the round baby blanket for my friend in NY, a scarf for my gay bf, and started one for his life partner....finally, there were the socks for my uncle. I'm calling this bunch my brown collection. For quite a while now everything I've knitted has been either black or brown...except for the blue socks which I've lost. **sigh** Here's the brown collection:

This is the baby blanket in process...the color here is awful:

Here it is completed, a much better representation of the colors:

The boyfriends' scarves:

Here is the whole collection:

Hopefully, it will all get to it's destination on time and will be loved by all who receive.


Blogger Nikki said...

Yep, we are out here reading your blog. You never know who'll drop in so don't stop blogging! But yeah, we do love pictures, too.

Those cuffs are freaking GORGEOUS. Hot! Sexy! Spankin'! I absolutely love them and so will your friend, I bet.

22 January, 2007 15:03  

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