03 November 2006

An FO with no camera to document

I attempted to assist someone by lending them my camera for "10 minutes" because their camera broke and they HAD to email a picture of an item they were selling to a prospective buyer. Not being one to hold anyone down, or inhibit anyone's progress I reluctantly loaned the camera. That "10 minutes" has last for almost two weeks now.

In the interim I have completed a pair of socks out of the fake Fixation from Elann. So, I've got a FO but no camera to upload a picture here for you. Yes, you're right, I'm using this as a forum to bitch and moan about how inconsiderate people are, and how stupid I am for trying to help. What this means is that the next time this person is in "need" they won't be getting any help from me. I don't mind helping, but I really don't like being taken advantage of....you know what I mean?

So, God willing and the creek don't rise I'll have my camera and accompanying cable back this evening and will be able to resume the taking of pictures to post here for your perusal.

Anyway, I finished this pattern, which I REALLY like (basic stockinette) in the size it's written for. I'm now trying to work the pattern with this yarn in a larger size for a man's foot. The first pair is in Aegean Sea and the man's pair in Coffee Bean. I'm happy with them and it took me less than two weeks for the first pair. If I can get the second pair done as quickly I can mail them off before Thanksgiving! Wish me luck!


Anonymous Christine said...

I'm happy that you finished the socks. Did you get your camera back yet? Let's see some pictures!!

05 November, 2006 21:58  
Anonymous daniella said...

please let me know who took your camera for *weeks*. Sheesh!people. As for all of yer socks,congrats on getting them with Magic Loop :)

06 November, 2006 15:04  
Blogger Danielle said...

I'd have been at their door 9.5 minutes later asking for it back

06 November, 2006 16:45  

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