25 September 2006


I ordered needles from Cucumberpatch back at the end of July. Addi turbos, five of them for about forty dollars. It was great. I was excited. Three weeks later I still didn't have them and then Nic (I think) ordered from them (yarn I believe) and got her stuff in the expected five days. So I emailed to query what happened to my order. I got sort of terse response that I could have my money back if I wanted because they were waiting for the shipment from the manufacturer. I took it in stride and assured them that I would prefer to have the needles than my money back and was just asking because I was holding a project and didn't want the order to fall through the cracks. I didn't take offense to the shortness of the tone in the email from them (not Daniel), I figured she was as frustrated as I was. I did think that she could have headed off my email by simply informing me that the items were out of stock and I would be receiving them soon. Anyway, they came in last week. Monday I believe. In the bottom of the box with the needles was a piece of Addi candy. Did anyone know that Addi made candy? Weird. I'm afraid to eat it, so it will just sit there.

I really wasn't knitting much, just socks. Then I decided to try the Seraphim Shawl, on my new Addi Turbos with Shadow from KnitPicks. It's going well. I'm still in the stockinette portion of the pattern. I think I'm about 15 rows from the first chart though. As soon as I get to the first chart I'll be putting in a life line. The stockinette portion was easy but not alot of fun. It looks a lot smaller than I think it should be, but blocking might solve that, plus I've got four charts to go. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The quarter is over and I've got one weekend off. I'm a little perturbed by people making plans for me on my days off, but I'll grin and bare it this time. I'm going to get my car fixed and sleep as late as possible on Saturday...I'm dropping it off on Friday night for a brake job and oil change. After the car is ready I'm going to a friend in No. Hollywood and then to Van Nuys to use my A Major Knit Work coupon from Stitch~n~Pitch, and then to Octoberfest. I only plan to make and appearance at the Octoberfest, a SHORT appearance. Sunday I've got an Atwater/Silverlake SnB, whoo hoo!! And cleaning. That's what I need to be doing all weekend...CLEANING. Not sitting around watching people get drunk and do the chicken dance. :|

Oh, I've also gotten through more than half of a baby blanket I promised a friend in New York. I couldn't remember her due date, and was knitting feverishly. I found out she's not due until January so I'm well ahead of the game, until I start considering that my friend Erin is pregnant, as is my sister-in-law (Yes, Kasan's wife). I'll probably work on a blanket for Erin, and then the inlaws cause I'm not sure when Erin is due, but I know it's sooner than Kasan.

I'll do my best to have pictures on the next post...I should have a clean surface to snap pictures on by then.


Anonymous daniella said...

you finally got your Cucumber Patch
order geeez. About time! twice I
ordered from them, my stuff came in
like 4 days flat. Sorry you had to
wait! and what is up with the german candy? ;)
I am glad you have a weekend off at last!

25 September, 2006 20:27  
Blogger Mimi said...

Hey girl, I have been a tad busy, but I have missed SNB. Hope I can make it this wednesday.

26 September, 2006 10:19  

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