14 July 2006

It's Magic!

When I started attending the Atwater SnB gatherings I crocheted. I was reluctant to even think about knitting again, and certainly wasn't ever going to knit socks. On my first visit there, Dixie sat quietly in the corner of the couch knitting some thing impossibly small with toothpicks. She smiled at me a lot, made me very comfortable and that's why I kept going back, but I thought she was crazy to be knitting thread with toothpicks.

After a bit of cajoling and the purchase of some bamboo needles I've been off and knitting. I'm not sure when I decided it was okay to use a knitting needle smaller than say a pencil but it happened, and for a hot second I had one upped Dixie on the crazy-lady-knitting-with-needles thing....I still wonder how the black paint thing turned out for her. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, I also don't remember when the sock fever hit me. I think it was when Dixie had this post and I thought, OMG! I want to hang up socks that I made on hangers that I bent myself. And so it began. I think I've only completed two pairs but the urge to start new ones and buy more sock yarn is out of control.

I am also obsessed with perfecting the many sock making techniques. I've got the DPN way down, but can't figure out how to start them toe up or how to do a short row heel. I'm probably not going to learn either of those techniques any time soon. I did however, or should I say: I was able to figure out how to use the magic loop after watching Knittinghelp.com's video...whoa, she shows how to do a wrap stitch, it may be possible for me to learn it yet!

So, I've learned the magic loop. I'm not positive I handled the gussett and heel correctly, but I'm almost done with the first one. So, drum roll please...... Here is my Magic Loop Sock!

Oh, and I am SO buying knittinghelp.com's DVD. Just on GP!


Anonymous Dixie said...

Toothpicks aside, Magic Loop is still my preferred sock technique. At this point there has to be a very compelling reason for me to make socks using a different method.

Toe-up socks are a breeze once you figure out short rows, but they're sort of fiddly if you use the standard method (start with 8 or so sts and increase every other row, the exact reverse of a standard cuff-down toe).

I'm glad you came around to the sock obsession. ;)

17 July, 2006 10:52  

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