26 June 2006

The end of an era...

Well, yesterday was the last Sunday Stitch-n-Bitch gathering I'll be attending for a long long while unless something goes wrong with the funding for school. Ironically, I got there late and the one person who showed up left before I arrived. I did call to tell her I would be late, but her husband answered and said she forgot her cell phone home. **sigh** Oh well. So, I sat with my friend from NY, in the heat and knitted in silence for about an hour while she read. We'd had a bit of a tiff in the car on the way there, but I think she felt bad because we were late and the one person who showed left. No matter, can't change any of it. But that's that, no more Sunday Atwater/Silverlake meetings for me for a long long while.

In other news....I "learned" how to do the magic loop method for making socks. I am so excited about this. I'm doing a really simple pattern. It's a Regia yarn I got dirt cheap at A Major Knit Work a little while ago. I originally cast on 56 stitches using a size 2 needle, but it was way too small. So, after I was sure I was comfortable with the process I frogged it and started again with 64 stitches. I did an inch of a 2x2 rib, and the body of the sock is 6x2 rib. I'm REALLY happy with it, and it's soooooo portable! I'm thinking there are patterns you probably can't do with the magic loop, like the Jaywalkers with the per needle increases, but I still like it.

I also gave away my black Odessa and the French Market Bag. It wasn't my intention to give away the French Market, but I mentioned that I didn't really like it and the person took it. It's okay, I'll just make myself another. Hopefully, this one will come out better than the first. The Odessa was way too big, it came down to my eyelids, so I have to find another ball of black Cashsoft dk to redo it.

Work is slow, my sinuses are a mess, I'm not sleeping well, I've been up since 4:45am to take my friend to the airport...I just want to go to bed!!!!


Blogger Toni said...

sorry you guys had a tiff on her last day in town...we will see you on Thursdays though, right?

p.s. my blog is updated

26 June, 2006 12:19  
Blogger tb said...

Yes, I'll be there on Thursdays...it will be okay. I think she got a flight this morning, so that's good. I'm off to check your blog!

26 June, 2006 13:24  
Anonymous Dixie said...

I think I'll be able to start coming on Thursdays...at least for a couple weeks. :]

26 June, 2006 16:41  
Blogger d-c said...

geez, I am so sorry I missed this
sunday, and I missed meeting your friend.when I first read your post I thought that you were not going to be able to go to S&B at all I actually felt *desolate* :D and yes, to answer your question,my cat does not play with yarn,just lays his head on it. good kitty. Thanks for aproving of my lamie blog :)

26 June, 2006 19:38  

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