18 April 2006

The Fund is no more!

...but then most you of you know that already. It's been a hectic month...wow, I found & started a new job in less than a month. Thank God/Goddess for small favors & big ones too.

I have been knitting, what else is a stressed girl that supposed to be dieting to do? I've made two pairs of socks out of Paton's Grace, and got some Baby Silk to make socks for myself and my uncle. It's sooooo soft. I got elastic from Black Sheep Knittery, which I was told wouldn't work for reinforcing....so, I've got elastic for the tops and need nylon (or something) for the toes and heels....someone help me find the nylon I need! (Black & Oxblood).

Let's see, what else. I finished the cuff for my mom, and started the one for Cathy (mother of the child who received The Stocking). I also started a pair of Fuzzy Feet for Kasan. I finally got mine fully felted, and he saw them and requested a pair. So, after an expensive celebratory lunch on my last day at The Fund, we stopped by Black Sheep Knittery. I told him Worsted weight, he picked up Bulky, and of course I didn't check behind him. So, I had to go back.

I go in (close the window if you on't want to read my bitching), and they're all seated around the table. One girl at the register. After I dig thru (read: destroy) their display of Lamb's Pride, I head to the back to see if they have the necessary color/dye lot I need behind the computer. I've been in the store at least 10 mins by now. As I pass the table one of the women says, let me know if you need any help. It took a lot for me not to stop and say: Bitch, didn't you just see me digging thru that pile, did it look like I needed help? But I didn't, I kept walking. I get back there and I tell the chick at the computer that I'm looking for that color Lamb's Pride in Bulky. She POINTS at a drawer and says there's more in there.

Now, I don't know if you've been to the Black Sheep Knittery, but there aren't many brown people shopping there (except that old gay black guy), and I had been there two days before, so you would think that ONE of them would say, oh do you need the same dye lot for your project? Yes, you would think. They didn't. I'm not going back there to spend any more money, and if I had ANY idea where to buy Lamb's Pride that day I would have gone there. Boy, my list of LYSs is shrinking...but yarn is too readily available in other stores and on the net for me to deal with over pricing AND bad service.

Did I mention that AFTER I did all the digging the chick behind the computer comes over to say, oh that skein looks closer in color than this one. WTF? Then she told me she reinforces the toes on her sock with Baby Alpaca...BLUE SKY BABY ALPACA!?!?!? WTF?

Anywho, I'm doing much better now!


Blogger Danielle said...

Ok, it's official, yarn stores have mostly shitty customer service with everyone. Me included. They are clearly not known for their abilities in that area.

See you Thursday.

19 April, 2006 08:52  
Anonymous Dixie said...

You're definitely not the only one. The last notable customer service f*ck-up I had at a LA area LYS was when I walked in two minutes before closing with the clear and express intent of buying an expensive book and pricey yarn to go with it...and they told me they were closing.

I knew they had the book at the time, and when I checked back later they had the yarn too. Their loss.

I can't make it to S&B this week...have fun. :)

20 April, 2006 12:14  
Blogger Toni said...

have you tried Elegance for Lamb's Pride? I hope your first week at the new job went well (o:

21 April, 2006 11:24  

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