13 February 2006

Stash Balancing?

So, I've been making things from my stash. In the beginning I bought yarn because it was nice, or soft, or I was obsessed with the color...as I've matured in my yarn purchases, I try to buy for specific projects. In the past few weeks I've actually started and completed some of those projects and was excited about the decreasing of my stash...and then I went shopping.

Now, I didn't spend a ton of money, only one thing wasn't on sale, but I think I had more come in than go out. I think I'm fighting a losing battle with this. Anyway, here are my purchases, with explanations about what I plan for each one...if I do indeed have a plan. Later, I'll show you the finished objects (FOs) that I produced during this buying period,and you can tell me if I've balanced.

Here we go:

I'll start with two FOs. I decided to participate in Knit for the Cure this year. I did it last year and felt like my donations were underappreciated, but I had an aunt go thru a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation this year and come out the other side wonderfully. So I knitted for her...this a cowel from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. The book calls for a pure cashmere yarn, not yet in this lifetime have I been able to afford to give away a cashmere item...I used Simply Soft. I believe Antique Rose is the color.

I also made the kitty from knitty.com. I'm not crazy about the cat, and the pattern was a bit difficult, but my friend made it all worth it. She was having a hard weekend and I thought it would cheer her up....of course I didn't get it to her until a week & a half after the bad weekend, but it's the thought that counts, right? She and her husband loved it....if she had a blog I'd link you to it here. ;) I believe they named him Frank.

Now the yarn purchases, most of it was for socks. I like socks. I've been trying to finish other things so I can focus on socks for me. :) All the yarn below is for me, me, me! I went on a yarn store jaunt with Nic, who has finally gotten her website up and running. Please check it out. Her needles & pants/knickers (underwear) are amazing, I told her that I could work for the rest of my life and not make a needle like she does...esp the white flowers on black & the landscape. Okay, on to the yarn.....

Regia, $5.45 for two balls...no, I'm not kidding. AND they came packaged in ziploc bags just like I use!!!! I got these, and the Lamb's Pride at A Major Knitwork. I loved that place. Would be willing to go back to the Valley to shop there. I'm going to make Fuzzyfeet . Although, since it's ninety degrees again, yes I said 90, I don't really NEED them. Ugh! Where is the winter?

Here are a couple of balls of Cascade Fixation that I'm going to make little short socks out of...I hope. The girl in the yarn store said I should be able to....nice price, eh?

Then there was the Suss sale on Superbowl weekend. Apparently, it was only for two days. Odd. I got some $3.00 hanks/skeins there. The hanks are this really soft cotton/acrylic blend and they will be a stripped scarf. They were the only four of their kind that I saw...I feel lucky. The other three are a mercerized cotton that I started a motif scarf out of months ago. Danielle and Carlin had a bet going that I wouldn't finish it, so I picked it up recently and started to put it together. I hated the color combo, and decided to get these three to see which one would replace my varigated choice...the red won out, but since I will use less red than the other colors, I have more motifs of the other colors to make...I think this will be my last motif piece for a while. The other one I want to do out of the book is connected as you work, so I'm good there.

And last, but certainly not least the Rowan Cashsoft DK, that has turned into an Odessa with shiny black beads. It will be bagged and saved until I cut my hair off again, it looks weird and misshapen over the braids.

Okay, so it does not seem that I have balanced...but at least I am finishing things! Honest, I am...pictures to follow soon!


Blogger Danielle said...

Balanced? I think you are teetering on yarn obsession. No, on second thought, you are already there :-)

14 February, 2006 18:04  
Anonymous Christine said...

That's pretty balanced. At least you have projects you are going to make with your new purchases. You didn't just buy sale yarn. And I do absolutely LOVE my kitty, Frank. He is so cute and huggable.

15 February, 2006 12:22  
Anonymous daniella said...

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17 February, 2006 05:10  
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