28 December 2005

Short absence....

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last entry. I think I figured out how and why people give up on their blogs. It’s the stuff you think you’re going to miss updating. So much happens in such a short period of busy time that it gets overwhelming to try to catch it up on here. Well, I’m just going to skip stuff. If I try to fill it all in I’ll never update you again.

The short version. Thanksgiving was nice, I think I mentioned that before. I went NY for a week and had a blast. Got me some hair….You’ll either have to see it in person, or wait for a decent picture to be taken. I’m still plodding along and half-assing WW, and God help me, still thinking about Mike and the what ifs (don’t ask, I don’t want to talk about it ... i just want to forget!)

The word of the day:

I got the stocking completely complete and met the baby for whom I worked so diligently. She is adorable, but cried an awful lot while I was there….No, I wasn’t holding or pinching her! Here is Tara in the final stages of stocking completion, and the finished product.

Here she is with her grandma and mother in the hat I made.

Her mother, knowing very little about the time it takes to hand make this stuff, had requested a hoodie for the little one and a scarf for herself. I made the mom sized scarf, but the hoodie I told her she needs to buy the supplies for. This is one strand of Homespun in Coral something with two strands of Tutu in Geranium and some Pink color held together. It's 12 stitches, k1p1 rib on size 19 needles...this is how I spent my Christmas day.

I also started a scarf for my friend Ella. She sends me angels in some form each Christmas, and I send her something hand made, last year it was an afghan. This year I was unable to get it complete before the holiday, but I think I’ve done well with those hand painted 100% merino Artyarns hanks…variegated purple….and I’ve accomplished a bit of lacework! Nothing too complicated, but it’s an accomplishment for me.

I haven’t touched Gab or Tooraj’s afghans in weeks. Danielle took the wind out of my sails and then the vacation and all….whoo!

Carlin inspired me to make a sweater for Tara as a birthday/Christmas gift….I’ve got the back done and am working on the front now. I’m using Joann’s Sensation Rainbow Boucle.

Let’s see, is there more….um, well. I started three pairs of socks. ;) I was inspired by Gab and a heel-less pattern I got from Melissa, PLUS this variegated grey sock yarn I found in New York. (Of course I went to yarn stores in NY!!!!) So, I started the grey ones and the friggen $9.00 Crystal Palace bamboo dpns (size 1) split on the ends thru no fault of my own. Then I started to doubt my knitting so I stopped. I then started reading Harry Potter…yes, just starting now, up to Year 4, have to pick it up this week. So, I ended up at A.C. Moore (the closest one to here is in Tenessee…imagine hand spun and dyed Merino in a Michaels at a decent price) and I got the stuff to make the Lion Brand Magic Stripes socks. I got the Lumberjack Red color and size 4 needles (cause there were no 3s available). The color is awful and the sock is ginormous! I did however work on it until I had turned the heel AND done the gusset!!! Whoo hoo! (This is number 2…are you keeping track?) The last pair is the Lion Brand stuff again, but in the blue they made the sample in, and on number 3 needles…I had to buy two sets of 3s because Susan Bates makes them in sets of 4 not 5…why? So I started those too. Those will be the right size for my friend Maddie, who’s gonna get the Lumberjack ones, but I’m going to go down to a size 2 for myself. They’re a lot of work, but I understand when people say they’re satisfying. My pair after these three will be a Knitting Curmudgeon design called Crusoe, but I'll be using these hanks of black Koigu.

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print today……I’ll tell you about my yarn purchases later.



Anonymous Christine said...

Well, you have certainly been busy! I can't believe you're knitting socks!

29 December, 2005 14:27  

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