18 November 2005

Oh the pain...

I think this Stocking is giving me carpal tunnels. I feel like it's never going to end.

Here's my progress as of Monday, 14 November 2005:

On Friday I was pretty confident that I was going to finish off the main part of the stocking over the weekend. That didn't happen, and I can't remember why now....wait, it's because I spent several hours at functions for my brother's short film festival debut. It was accepted by BHERC, and there was a meet and greet on Friday and then the actual screening on Saturday. There was a screening on Sunday too, but I just couldn't make it...you know SnB meeting and all. Saturday after the screening Tara, George (the knitted cap guy) and I went to El Coyote for dinner. It was pretty good. Killed my points, but worth every bite!

So, that was my starting point this week. It's Friday morning, 18 November 2005 and here is where it stands now:

Okay, so now I'll run down the list of what's left to do:

1) I've got to finish the half stitching outline design down the left side of the leg.

2) I've got to put a line of green and red (i think)across the top, and then stitch in her name.

3) I've got to put in the white spots...you see where it looks white in the pattern, well, it needs to be stitched in white. **sigh**

4) I've got to top stitch to define the design.

5) I've got to find the lining and the backing.

6) I've begged Tara to help me with the final construction.

Can you believe the To Do list on this project is this long? And her mother asked me to make a hat and scarf too....**sigh** So, I dug around for patterns on the web and then headed out to Joann's and ended up with this:

It's way too thin and way too pastelly (is that a word?). It's going back. I also got a circular needle for $1. Joann's brand. The points aren't terribly sharp, but no less rounded than bamboo, and the circular part (fishing line?) really feels like fishing line, it's hard and not very pliable, but it was only a buck.

After work I went over to Michael's in Glendale. I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I was on line for at least 20 minutes. I got two sets of Clover dpns (8 & 10.5) and a skein of Red Heart and a skein of this Lion Brand Jiffy Bulky stuff. I decided to make the Iceland Printed Wool Baby Hat, and was trying to find something easily washable to make it out of...oh and cheap. I love the colors of the Jiffy stuff, but it's too thick to work on 10.5 circulars...trust me, I tried and the shooting pain stopped me.

I like the colors so much I even considered unplying the skein because on strand is about the size of the Iceland Wool....yeah, that thought passed quickly. Here is is:

It's going back to the store today too.

So, the only one left is the Red Heart. I started the hat without doing a gauge swatch. Of course it's too big. Ugh! So, she'll have two hats and a scarf. I might walk over to Skein today and see if they have the Iceland wool in the colors I like. ;) {I told you, only for yarn that I can't find elsewhere.} Here it is in progress. It's small, so I will finish it quickly if I can ever get done with this stocking:

I'm going to look for the Iceland Wool, or something comparable, because the Red Heart doesn't have the same kind of body and doesn't look like it's going to hold the shape of the hat very nicely. We'll see. I figure since I agreed I shouldn't half ass it.

I think that is all the news I have today, and quite a bit of news it is. Wish me luck with the Stocking this weekend. Perhaps, if I'm diligent, I'll be able to complete numbers 1 thru 3, and get pretty far into number four. And if I'm lucky I'll be able to get Tara to help with number five.

Any thoughts?


Blogger Danielle said...

thoughts? Yeah. Did you know that at about 15 feet away "squeezie paint" looks just like embroidery floss.
Just a thought :-)

18 November, 2005 11:24  
Anonymous Christine said...

Wow! When you make a list of everything, it seems like you still have a lot to do! I admire you for taking on this project and sticking with it! I probably would have given up by now.

18 November, 2005 15:30  

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