29 October 2005

my english & shopping

Hey Y'all! Okay, so I don't really say that much....found this test, and apparently my English is almost everything except Midwestern:

Your Linguistic Profile:

45% General American English

25% Yankee

15% Dixie

15% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

Oh well. So, I went on a yarn store jaunt today. Someone mentioned on the LA SnB board that they'd gotten bamboo needles for $1.50 at a 98 cents store in Torrance. I did some research and found the store. I decided to figure out what yarn stores were in the area and hit those today. I did buy needles, way too many, but they were only $1.50 a pair. I also got dpns, and plastic needles as well...and lo and behold there were crochet hooks too! I got every size they had of those just because. Most of the stuff in the store was labled in Japanese..........maybe. I ended up spending $80 in this store. **sigh** Not so much left for yarn purchasing.

I then headed up to Let's Knit Yarn Shop. It was a small place on Western in Gardena. Kind of dusty. Again, everything labled in Japanese....ever go some place and feel like you don't belong? So, I walked around for a bit and waited for the lady to stop following me and made my way out. Nothing spectacular there. The next place was The Slipt Stitch in El Segundo. It was a lot like A Mano Yarn Center. She had a nice selection, and it seemed to be categorized by fiber content. The silk section was nice, found a very nice cotton silk blend. I did not buy it. I'm resisting the urge to buy what feels good. I'm buying for specific projects now. What I did buy was a fingering weight yarn to try to do lace with. I'm not sure what's up with me and this lace thing, but here I am wtih over 700 yard of this stuff. It's varigated and sort of royal colors: purple, gold, hunter, some reddish color. I really like it. I don't remember the fiber content, but I know it's not fuzzy....ergo, easier to frog if--ahem, when--I frig up.

I then moved on to The Knitting House in Beverly Hills. It's a small dusty place off of Beverly Drive, south of Wilshire. Not worth the trouble. She didn't hear/feel me come in so I announced myself so she wouldn't freak out when she looked up and saw the back of my head. OMG! Black man in my shop!!!!! After that she followed me around. Pain in my ass. She did have a shawl hanging that I thought would be wonderful for the yarn I'd just gotten but she didn't have one, and showed me a pattern of a sweater to explain that it was a ripple stitch....ugh. Did I mention she was Asian too and her English wasn't great. Not a great selection, and limited colors. Small place where I think you would go if you were going to buy specific yarn for one project, not to wander and look and feel....not at all like Wild Fibre. You gotta wonder how she's been in business for 16 years.

After that I was sort of disgusted and wanted to just get home....I was going to nix the Knit Cafe idea. I headed east on Wilshire, and turned north on La Cienega. As I passed the Beverly Center I remembered (thought I did) that it was on Melrose east of La Cienega (is that spelled wrong?). So, I turned east on Melrose, and traffic was clear and there it was wtih a spot right in front! It too is a small place, but nicely lit and the ladies who work there were great! I got a hank of some sparkly thin yarn to attach the beads to Carol's shawl. Yes, all the crocheting is done I think! Whoo hoo! The lady told me that the hank would slide off the swift and she would be more than willing to help me ball the yarn as long as I didn't mind holding it while she wrapped. How great is that? Now I just have to get help from Victoria for the finishing.

So I happily headed off towards home. I really hate driving here most of the time, but today on a whole wasn't bad. The ride from Knit Cafe to home was the worst.

Alright, I better get back to work on the stocking. A week off is more than enough. :)

I'll have pictures of my purchases next week. I left the usb cord on my desk at work.



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