01 February 2006

No New Knitting News

At least I don't think I have any. I finished the brown hat (crochet) but can't get in touch with the recipient, so it sits in my living room. I also made a chemo cap out of the lavender Simply Soft Clare gave me. It's a small one, but I like the way it turned out. Maybe I'll have pictures later this week. I also started a brown man-sized chemo cap to donate. As soon as it's off the needles I'll start these out of some deep chocolate brown Lamb's Pride I got last weekend. I went on a jaunt with Nic to the Valley, and we stopped at four yarn stores I think. I got all sock yarn, all on sale except for the Lamb's Pride, but it was a good price, I think. My favorite of the stores was A Major Knitwork. Nice little place, great mother & daughter owners. Excellent prices & sale items. Nic got Crystal Palace dpns for $6.90 a set....I think. Age it seems...

I finished up Tara's sweater this weekend as well, and worked some more on my camera bag....knitting up on size 3 circulars, I'm kind of excited about it. My socks are on hold until I finish the last chemo cap I'll be working on for this month.

I've started a blog to rant/vent (difference?) about my job. There's a link there, Life at The Fund. Let me know what you think, comment as much as possible. I need all the feedback I can get so that I don't start to think these people are right and I'm just stupid and incompetent.


Anonymous Dixie said...

It may not be a good idea to publicly post details of your work situation, even with names changed. You'd be surprised how often stuff like that comes back to bite the writer in the arse.

One alternative would be to use a system that allows only specified people to read your blog -- LiveJournal lets you do that pretty easily. It means we'd all have to get LJ accounts and make sure we're on your Friends list, but it's a small inconvenience that prevents possible large problems in the future.

Just my opinion, of course. Obviously, you can write whatever you want wherever you want. :)

01 February, 2006 11:31  

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