17 February 2006

Finished Objects

Okay, as promised here is the gallery of my recently completed objects....Some of them aren't quite "finished" yet, but the major stitching is done. It doesn't really seem like that many, but if you add them to the previously mentioned finished objects it's not bad.

The Odessa.

I love this hat. I'm glad I let Clare talk me out of the tacky plastic beads I found. I think it's gorgeous, but it's been stored for a time when I go back to my regular hair:

The Brown Crocheted Hat.

I started this over a year ago. The yarn moved to LA with me from NY (it's Lion Brand Wool Ease). After I started the hat it was my constant companion. It went with me to grad school, and spent a lot of time under the seat of my car, but the recipient's birthday was fast approaching and I wanted to get it done. I beat the deadline, but haven't heard a word from her for months. I'm a bit worried, she's got cancer and isn't taking the steps she can to deal with it properly. Hopefully, she's okay and she'll get this hat one day.

The Speckled Navy Blue Scarf.

This is some more yarn that moved to LA from NY. I loved it when I bought it, but at the time I was only crocheting. It's a lopi style yarn and not conducive to crochet, at least not the pattern I had planned, so it was stored with disgust. I then saw Nic with a Collinette scarf on and thought that pattern would work for this yarn, and here it has new life. It's warm and comfy, 100% wool with polyester flecks, I think.

The French Market Bag.
I'm really excited about this one. More yarn that relocated with me. Cascade 220 that I puchased before I knew about Cascade 220. I liked the color and the feel. I didn't like anything that I tried to crochet it into, so into the stash it went. I saw the French Market Bag and thought of it. I started it the night before my last hair appointment. I figured it was a foot of stockinette on a circular, perfect for 8 hours of sitting still. It went quickly. I like it as it is, but can't wait to felt it......I will wait because I've got to pay to felt and I want to make FuzzyFeet and I will felt them all at the same time, the FuzzyFeet are a WIP now. I used a little Reynolds Lite Lopi for the handles because I thought I would run out of the Cascade, but I think the color contrast is nice. And I've got enough of both colors left over to make a little bag to go with the French Market.

And those are all of my FOs for now. From the FuzzyFeet I'll go back to the socks, and a shawl I started. Maybe one day I'll work up the nerve to try the pattern in the Interweave Knits mag I was looking for. Incidentally, Karen had it in her stash! Yay! The pattern scares me even more now though. :)

Hope you've all had a great week!

Happy Birthday Christine!


Anonymous daniella cota said...

wow! good job with all those FO's
sorry I missed your Odessa-it looks
soo pretty in black.
One thing that delights me is that some of the yarn traveled with you from New Yawk.
I mean, Long Aylant. And then you
finished them here :)
can't wait to see your felted
Market Bag- I really loved the
color combo!

19 February, 2006 17:03  
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