22 March 2006

impending changes...

So, I was cruising Craigslist yesterday, and there is was...a posting for my current job. An employment ad for the job I currently hold. My ticket to unemployment. Here it is....well, some version of the ad...cause CL will be deleting the ad in seven days or so they say:

Here's the text of the ad, so you know what I do for a living before it's all over:

Reply to: job-143903979@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-03-21, 11:33AM PST

Seeking an intelligent, professional Executive Assistant who is able to work independently and stay overtime when required (rarely). This person will deal with investors and high level executives and must have a professional demeanor and be comfortable in this atmosphere.

Primary Responsibilities:
*Maintain calendars and to-do lists and coordinate schedules
*Answer telephones, set up conference calls and manage telephone system
*Manage email as required
*Manage internet and intranet as required
*Build and maintain effective relationships inside and outside of office
*Identify and suggest improvements to office processes
*Compose and edit a variety of correspondence and presentations in a polished, professional manner on timely basis
*Provide proofreading and editing and assist with preparation of management reports
*Purchase office supplies
*Arrange board of directors and shareholders’ meetings (Event Planning)
*Make travel arrangements
*Maintain contact lists
*Maintain office files
*Personal work as requested
*Manage checking accounts
*Enter transactions in Quickbooks and assist with the preparation of financial reports

Required Qualifications:
*College degree
*7 years of secretarial and administrative work experience - Minimum 2-3 years supporting senior management
*Team player
*Strong sense of individual responsibility
*Familiarity with business protocols and strong workplace judgment and discretion
*Professional appearance, demeanor and communication skills
*Proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
*Ability to manage office computer network and telephone system
*Some knowledge of Quickbooks
*Proven track record of stability
*Strong written and verbal skills
*Excellent phone manner

Job location is Pasadena, CA

Compensation: Compensation is approximately $40K depending on experience plus full benefits.

Oh, and he was "working" at his desk today after his helper left, and i saw hushmail pop up on the screen as I walked by....only time will tell how this all plays out.

I finished the socks for grandpa last night but didn't take a picture. Sorry those images are two different sizes, can't fix it either. :(


Blogger Toni said...

$40K for all that plus he wants intelligent??? Doesn't he know intelligence is extra? Good grief! I think the "consultant" put him up to it

22 March, 2006 14:07  
Blogger Danielle said...

well that just sucks.

22 March, 2006 18:18  
Anonymous daniella said...

I hope and pray that a nicer job comes out of this. You know.. a job that does not come with a
f*cking bitch from hell on a power trip. I am so sorry!

23 March, 2006 04:58  
Anonymous Dixie said...


23 March, 2006 10:50  
Anonymous Christine said...

Something better will come from this! You will be happier when you're not working for him! I think Toni is right and the consultant had something to do with this.

24 March, 2006 12:26  

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