13 March 2006

More Gifts Given....

I'm tired. I couldn't sleep last night. I decided it would be ill advised to knit in that state, the possible mistakes and the fact that beginning to knit (or crochet...I got the Susan Bates hooks I needed) would only eliminate the chances of me falling asleep, so I laid in bed and watched a Discovery Channel program about a man that weighed half a ton. As he laid, there-post gastric bypass just under a quater ton, unable to sit upright, he ate cheese cubes with a bag of Sour Cream & Onion Lays next in the queue as his afternoon snack, and I got the urge to get up and do Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite. I'm just saying, he was seven feet around his waist and I don't think he could lay on his back because it would have probably killed him....I just wanted to go jog. The next thing that came on was a program about a woman with no legs. I deserted this programming choice after they showed a clip of her proposal on the Maury Povitch show...the no legged married woman was really just too much for me, so I turned to Tivo to Barefoot Contessa and watched Ina start a pot of beef bourg...uh, with red wine. :)

I've been knitting quite a lot lately. The Odessa opened up the world of bead knitting to me, and I'm fighting the urge to fill my house with beads...ooooh, so sparkly, so pretty, so nice.....

I'll show you some of the items that have made it successfully off my needles.

Light and fluffy.

I did a favor for a friend. Remember Carol, my WW leader?, the one I made the crochet shawl for?, my first foray into beads, via crochet. Well she asked me if I could help her finish a scarf she'd started months ago, so long ago that she forgot how to do it, and certainly didn't know how to finish it. I went to the meeting ready to assist her, hoping that she would be able to remember the way she learned 'cause we all know I knit funny! She had one ball of some high end fun fur type stuff, and a second novelty yarn in white on giant white plastic needles. The original piece was about 2 feet wide and would have been about 3 feet long at that width. In the end I re-did the entire scarf for her. I made it thinner and she loved it.

Little Sweaters

Here is the sweater that I'm moaning about in the previous post. I think it came out okay. She loved it, the guy that works for her loved it, her husband and son liked it. It was the first baby gift she's received. I'm happy it passed all tests.

The Impossible Made Possible

I decided to make the MaryElla from knitty.com as a gift for a friend. It's been mailed, but I'm not sure if it's been received. I really hope so, the anxiety is building. Knitting with thread is a little bit daunting, but since the project was so small it went quickly. I actually enjoyed the process. So much that I'm making more, but more on that later. Here is my picture trail of the process.

the beginning.

up close and open.

up close and closed.

on my wrist...i don't think the color looks good on me, but i think it's going to look great on her...here's to hoping.

I think that's all the news that's fit to print for now. Not feeling much like talking...musing over my life, where I've been, where I'm going...is there any good in any of it.

Hope you all are doing well.


Anonymous Christine said...

Oooh! Your finished projects look so nice! I think the bracelet looks fantastic and the baby sweater turned out really nice. I wish I could complete things that fast.

14 March, 2006 13:12  
Anonymous daniella said...

next time you get insomnia, instead
of turning on Horror TV, toss and
turn, like the rest of us. I mean:
watching the Legless Woman Special?
AND Mr Half a Ton Man? no wonder
you got no sleep! Get a loong
novel and save it for these insomniac times- something interesting but long winded will do
the trick!
by the way all your FO's always enchant me :)

14 March, 2006 18:53  
Blogger Clare said...

mary ella is so friggin' cool!

15 March, 2006 13:38  

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