16 March 2006


I've been having a baaaaad day......make that a bad week. I tried a danish and then some deep fried cheese covered stuff and neither made it better. Since I'm not a fan of wine, and don't really want to hop into the vodka bottle with more work days ahead I bought yarn.

I actually took a lunch hour today and went down to The Little Knittery at Steinberg & Sons to take advantage of their Noro sale. The girl working there, maybe running the place, used to be at Stitch Cafe. She was much much nicer here than she was in Valley Village...maybe she liked her job as much as I like mine. Anyway, here's the yarn for the Lady Eleanor from the Scarf Style book, it was less than $60.00.

And for Danielle.....

Happy Birthday Carlin!


Anonymous Christine said...

That yarn is pretty. Can't wait to see what you're going to make. I love that bumper sticker!

17 March, 2006 11:47  
Blogger Danielle said...

Love the sticker! Must have that sticker. That yarn is a beaut. I have been purposely staying away from that store which I pass at least 3x a week. Oy!

17 March, 2006 17:39  

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