19 June 2006

Knitting in a Circle

Things have been quiet around here. I'm dedicated to completing the round afghan for Tooraj & Lester. So, all I'm doing is knitting in a circle. I'm over 600 stitches now. I switched the 30" cord for the 40" cord, so now I've got over 90 inches of cord on this Denise needle. It's large enough to cover me, but not enuf for the two of them to cuddle under. I'm at the end of my third skein, and if by the end of the fourth it doesn't look much bigger I'm stopping there. I just need to find a nice border that works for it. Pictures would be pointless. I'll be sure to snap one before I send it off.

It's funny how the excitement of a new projects kind of wanes after you (I) start it. I was all excited about the Jaywalkers, and now that I've got them started I don't have any urge to pick them up. It's almost the same for the navy blue socks, but not so much so. These I want to finish, but they're on pause until the round red madness is done. I've got the yarn for five or six other new and exciting projects, but I think I'll hold off on starting them so I can stretch my excitement out over a few months, and not just have a bunch of WIPs looking up at me thru their plastic prisons accusingly....did I ever tell you I started this shawl? Black Microspun, Witch's Brew beads, so soft and pretty. I came across it while cleaning this weekend, and it's staring made me feel real guilty. :)

Oh, and I was cleaning cause Maddie's coming to town. I'm going to try to drag her to SnB on Sunday....maybe Thursday too if she's up for it after her flight.


OMG!!! The mail just arrived and I got my 60" Addi Turbos I ordered on FRIDAY!!!! from Angelika's in Lakeside, Oregon. She was great on the phone. Her prices were pretty good and just one day for delivery! I'm soooo excited. Whoo hoo, maybe I'll get back to those Jaywalkers sooner than I thought....Magic Loop here I come!


Anonymous Christine said...

Don't let the excitement fade! I want to see a completed pair of Jaywalkers! Hopefully you'll finish the red blanket soon!

20 June, 2006 20:48  
Anonymous daniella said...

Glad that you have some projects
'stockpiled' for when school starts. And your determination to
finish that blanket is great. I
would have just thought,give it another year and laid it aside!
it sure is pretty !

23 June, 2006 07:05  

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