30 August 2006

My Eyes Hurt

Have you ever had an allergy attack so strong that you couldn't bear to keep your eyes open or stay awake because they hurt and itch so much, but couldn't sleep because laying down made you feel like you were going to die? Well, that's how I've been feeling. My eyes are red and swollen and itchy. My throat is dry and itchy. My nose goes from completely stopped up to running non-stop. And don't get me started on the asthma attacks. What the hell is going on around here? I checked weather.com and they said all counts were low...so why am I suffering? I've got 4 days and 3 hours to go before I get a day off. YES, I'm counting down. My cellphone will tell me when the exact time has arrived. I can't wait.

Daniella was sweet enough to bring me batteries after my rant about the dead ones in my camera, but I haven't had time to download the pictures. Just be patient with me. I haven't been knitting a whole lot. I started a pair of socks for my uncle's wife. It's a ball of Sockotta I got at the A Mano sale a while ago. I've been having trouble with this yarn. It feels too thin for my size 0 needles and I don't want to go smaller. AND I've mixed my needles all up (need a sizer, not Susan Bates!), I think I've actually lost one in my house! Anyway, I think I've used the 0s and they seem to be working well. I'm doing the Beaded Rib pattern from Sensational Knit Socks, which I got from Crafter's Choice. It was a momentary lapse, but now I've got 5 or 6 crafting books for only $1.00 each! Plus shipping & Handling....They'll be useful eventually. :)

Not that I'm getting burnt out on socks or anything, but I'd like to be able to work on the Lady E. I also want to try one of Mimknit's shawl patterns, maybe Seraphim, but they scare me (charts)....can you imagine the fear that the Forest Path Stole elicits? I have been working on that beautiful aubergine Doucer scarf. I just need more time. Just two more hours in the day.

I did squeeze out about two hours yesterday to check out a new yarn store, Hissy Knits, in Glendale. It's around the block and up the street from me. It's on Verdugo just north of Colorado on the opposite side of the street from Zankou Chicken. Daniella and I met there after I got out of the office yesterday. It's a quaint little shop. Beautifully decorated. Gorgeous selection of yarn. So much Noro! The owner is Annie and she has been open since mid-July. I told her to put a post on the SnB LA yahoo group to drum up some business...nothing like free advertising, right? You should go check it out. Nice patio in the back, great decor inside, nice selection of yarn. I got some baby yarn that's super soft, it feels like angora, in several shades of brown to make a blanket for my friend in NY who's pregnant. I found out about it because of a review on a blog I came across last week. The shop is great and I think even if you didn't purchase anyting she'd be happy to have a little company.

I think that's all I've got for today. I've caught up on my homework, but have fallen behind on my reading. How does that happen?


Blogger Clare said...

my eyes are burning and it feels like i have potato chips up my nose. you are not alone, my friend.

30 August, 2006 17:53  
Blogger d-c said...

and I thought that I was going
to have to TWIST your arm to go that store, hee hee!
everybody I know has allergy issues right now-hope you feel better soon!

30 August, 2006 18:14  
Blogger Mimi said...

Hello! I had a great time last night, I don't think I have ever had company while knitting except for my husband and he just watches me most of the time, I have to thank you already for your links on your page I am in Glendale often and mught checkout the new store you mentioned. I think I will be going on Wednesdays it was a nice change for me.

Re: my bag last night was a Louis Vuitton, probably the only "brand" name bag I own because I think it's crazy to spend that much money on a handbag but it was a gift so I will rock it! Thanks again for last night, for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment and I will see you again soon.

31 August, 2006 09:04  
Anonymous Christine said...

Just wait for Monday to be here. Then you can get some much needed rest. You are still accomplishing a ton of knitting along with everything else. Give yourself a break!!

31 August, 2006 19:33  
Blogger Toni said...

For someone with allergy/asthma issues you're starting a lot of projects (o: You rule! 4:30 pm will be here soon

01 September, 2006 09:38  

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