04 October 2006

Playing Catch Up

So, I realized that I've been blogging lately, but I have become the blog that is long on word and scarce on pictures. So, I've decided to catch you up in pictures on the last three months of my life. I think I mentioned my birthday at some point, but I don't see any pictures chronicling the event. It was one of the sevens, a big one, and I had a great day.

I went to school, and one of the girls in the class took me for sushi for lunch. Then I rushed home to change for dinner, which was at Gaucho's Village in Glendale. So much food, so much meat, so many cute servers, such a large glass of mojito. Here are some pictures of my family and friends...and the servers:

Me and Ransford (He's just a friend.):

Me and our server (i can't remember his name any more):

Kasan and his wife (I don't know, I thought I took a picture with his face normal, but I'm thinking he erased it):

Ivan and his wife and stepson (He's my older brother.):

Ivan and my cousin Rock:

Victoria and one of the "meat boys":

Joseline and Viviana:

Lupe and John:

Me and Tara(who was kind enough to come even though she's a vegetarian):

My desk at work the day before...notice the double unicorns, people who I don't talk to assumed I really like unicorns:

Tara, originator of the double unicorns, before and after I told her the party was over:

It was a great birthday. The people at work took me to lunch in addition to decorating my desk. I got gifts from them too...you have to get these if you don't already have them...I'm just saying. Toni and Clare surprised me with treats from Porto's, and the Burbank SnB ladies got me a cake too. It was simply marvelous!

Now don't you fret, I'll have more pictures tomorrow, as well as some yarn related content! ttfn!


Blogger Mimi said...

Hey, I just came across the site signed up and got an email saying I was accepted into the secret pal 9. Im excited. BUT!!! it's a small world, I know Ransford he's also a friend, isnt that crazy? anyway, I have been really busy with the kids and work etc, but I do miss SNB, I will return...soon...I hope :)

05 October, 2006 09:39  
Blogger Miss Knotty said...

Hey there! I linked to you from your comment on Pieceful Creations about Seraphim - I'm knitting Seraphim too (are you on the Knitalong?) I'm not to the lace charts yet, I'm still in the solid stockinette increase portion.

You lucky girl with the sock yarn fabulosity! We don't get solid color CTH here (in North TX), either, (I'd prolly have to order it) - and I'd bet I won't get the deal you got! Sigh. I'm having some pangs of jealousy here, can you tell?

Anyway, I just wanted to pop over and beg for pics of your Seraphim in progress. Show me yours, I'll show you mine? :)

Miss Knotty
Knot Watt Ewe Think

08 October, 2006 17:41  

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