19 October 2006

Destashing and Gift Yarn

I decided to do a deep cleaning of apartment the weekend I had off. I thought, foolishly, that if I got the books, yarn and cds straightened up that everything else would just fall into place. Yeah, not so much. I apparently forgot that things don't just clean themselves up in my place--oh to have some bewitching skills or house elves. Anyway, I did get the yarn, books and cds in order--for the most part.

I got a new book shelf, that matches the other one, to replace the one near my computer. I got new 'books' to hold my newes additions to the cd collection, and I cleaned out my yarn stash. I got rid of all of all of the acrylic, weird colors and textures that I bought when I started this, uh, hobby. I got rid of things that I know I'll never be inspired to knit with again. I put all of the yarn into ziploc bags--I am all about a ziploc! And in the end I had an Ikea bag over flowing with yarn and pieces of UFOs. Here is a picture of the bag so you can see just how much destashing I did.

I mentioned my cleaning to Melissa and she said she was trying to force herself to go to buy some cheap acrylic for a charity event she's holding. Tevana to the rescue. The bag is now only full to the top and not overflowing. I think if I pulled out the UFOs and put all the yarn into balls I would be able to fit it into a regular grocery bag, like from Trader Joe's...but for now it sits in the middle of my living room. Hey, school started again, no time to wind balls of yarn.

In this destashing I came across some yarn that I got for/around my birthday.

Here's a merino silk blend that Victoria brought me from CGOA in King of Prussia. The yarn came with a sampler lace scarf pattern. You can see part of the patterns on the top of the page under the yarn.

Here is a beautiful blend sock yarn that Daniella gave me for my birthday. I feel like it's too nice to make into socks. I want to make a scarf out of it, maybe branching out, leaves would be nice with these colors, right?

These two beauties are now living in the plastic container under my bed in their own little ziploc bags. :)


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