06 October 2006

Nothing good about it....well actually

I went yarn shopping, and there is nothing good about that...sort of....

I had a weekend off from school on Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st....I was coerced into going to Octoberfest down at Alpine Village in Torrance. Not really my scene, but it was an okay time. I expected better beer and food, but you get what you pay for, right? I got in free and only sipped someone else's beer to taste it.

On my way to the 'Fest I talked Joseline into hitting up a couple of yarn stores with our Stitch-n-Pitch coupons. It was her first yarn jaunt Tevana style and I think she was a bit overwhelmed. She's new to crochet and has only been to Unwind (I think) and Yarn Garden (maybe)...I know she found some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece somewhere, but just can't quite remember...age it seems....

Anyway, we decided to go to A Major Knitwork and A Mano Yarn Center.

I really like A Major Knitwork. The owners, a mother and daughter, are great. Very welcoming and knowledgeable. They've also got real sales, none of that 10% off, but a REAL sale.

So, I picked up out of the sale basket:

That's right, it's Opal yarn. It's blues and white in their Crocodile pattern...I think it's the CR-5 colorway. Two balls for $5.55 each. I've been thinking alot about knee socks. Not sure why since I never show my legs, but just maybe...

I also got a ball of Trekking XXL that everyone is raving about. It feels fine, I'll let you know how I feel about it after I start to make the socks out of it.

I'm also very fond of A Mano Yarn Center, although, before last weekend I would only go out there for a sale...it is way over in Mar Vista and I will travel for yarn but the 10 on the way back is a nightmare...and don't get me started on the 405 in either direction. Anyway, I figured I had the coupon and we were going to Torrance anyway, so why not?

We go in and they've rearranged the store. It's so much brighter, open and more welcoming the way it is now. I head to the stacks (as I like to think of yarn in the same way as I think of books) and I'm feeling my way along. Checking out the Misti Alpaca (I've got six balls of aubergine dk weight from my very first visit to A Mano), I notice they've put all the really pricey yarns (Alchemy, Fiesta) on the back wall way up high, and then I come upon a bunch of baskets on the floor. These baskets are reminiscent of the way they set up their sales and I wonder...maybe they still have "sale yarns" post sale. I see some Cherry Tree Hill yarn and I start to tell Joseline how much I like it and how I can't afford it and then I see a sign on the shelf where the Cherry Tree Hill is living that says 40 % Off with an arrow pointing down. I freeze. I look around as if I've been caught doing something wrong. I look at Joseline and ask her (as if she'd know) if the Cherry Tree Hill is 40% off too. She looks at me like I'm crazy (as is her right to) and says, I don't know. I breathe and ask her to go and find out if the Cherry Tree Hill is on sale for 40 % off too. I, for some reason, don't want to let go of the yarn. I don't want to walk away from the shelf. This makes absolutely NO sense because she and I are the only people shopping in the store. It's not like the yarn is going to disappear if I walk ten paces and ask a question, but she obliges me and she comes back and says yes, it is on sale. I sit down. It's more than I can deal with. I sit down with the same skein in hand that I've been holding this entire time and breathe...next I called Dixie...then I start digging. Did you know that Cherry Tree Hill comes in solid colors? NEITHER DID I!!!! But now I've got some. Here are my Cherry Tree Hill acquisitions, and that block of peachy goodness is the one I was holding the whole time (even though there were three more just like it!):

We lingered around that store for almost an hour...Joseline probably wanted to choke me. I chit chatted, I helped wind my hanks into center pull balls, I confessed that we were on our way to Octoberfest (one of the women had as much disdain for it as I did and she was German). I felt guilty that they had granted me a wish, Cherry Tree Hill yarn at a price I could sort of afford! Yes, I bought five hanks, which I couldn't really afford, but it was Cherry Tree Hill at 40 % off AND in solid colors. The ladies wanted to know if I was going to make all the socks for myself or to gift. I told them that there was no way that I would be giving away Cherry Tree Hill socks, they were all for me.

It was a good day!


Anonymous Dixie said...

Yeah...I had to resist the urge, despite the highly tempting and appreciated phone call. As much as I adore CTH (and am dragging out the project using my last skein as much as possible so I can enjoy it longer), I just can't spend as much on yarn as I knew I would want to when faced with a wall of affordable CTH.

Sales don't save us money...they just get us more yarn for the buck. :]

06 October, 2006 11:16  

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