07 November 2006

Singing Praises

I've been known to malign a yarn seller or two in my time, so I thought it fitting to sing the praises of one that has treated me exceptionally well.

I've been in a piss poor mood for days. The shit at school isn't getting any better, mind you, it's new things that are going bad. I'm tired of the fight. So in a moment of serious angst I started reading blogs. I ended up on Wool Windings and I'm not even sure how. She mentioned in an older post that she's working on this sweater. I look at it and think, that's really nice. Then I read that it comes in my size. AND that it's the Rowan DK yarn that's dirt cheap on Cucumberpatch UK. Oh no!

I ordered not only that pattern, but this one too. PLUS the two addi needles I'll need to work on it, AND the yarn in Drizzle. I ordered one needle and the two patterns from Jimmy Beans Wool. I placed my order at 4:54 pm while sitting at my desk, and at 8:22 pm I received an email from Jimmy Beans Wool telling me that my order had shipped. OMG! This is amazing! The email read:

Your order is being shipped today & should be in your mailbox shortly.

Thanks again and we hope to hear from you soon,

I heart Jimmy! If only his yarn were within my spending range! Anywho, let's see how Cucumberpatch does. Did you know that our size 6 (4.25mm) is not available in the UK? Interesting, which is why one needle was ordered with the patterns and one with the yarn.

Wish me luck on this!

Yes, I'm broke and should NOT be shopping. Ugh!!

And btw, I did finally get my camera back. She had the unmitigated gall (one of my favorite phrases) to call me up and say, "I've taken a shower and don't want to get dressed so why don't you come up the stairs on my end and pick up the camera."

Un.believe.able! Yes, I went and got it. No, she’ll never borrow it again. Pictures soon!


Anonymous daniella said...

yay, it was about time that you
treated yourself!! that's a simply beautiful cardie. You need to cast on for that as soon as you get the yarn!
Your neighbor is a Pendeja ;)

07 November, 2006 20:22  
Blogger Clare said...

i swear to god i almost bought that exact cardi pattern last night -- before i read your post. that's a great sweater.

08 November, 2006 12:49  

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