09 November 2006

Kind, even to the not-too-bright among us

Yes, and that not-too-bright would be me.

I ordered that stuff from Jimmy Beans Wool, and it came today. I was so excited. I cut open the tyvek envelope, impressed that they would use an envelope that won't allow the pattern to get damaged. I dumped it all out on my desk and it was two patterns in nice 3-hole sleeve protectors, the addi turbo, my receipt AND a single wrapped Twizzler! And candy too!!!

So, I'm checking out the patterns. It's printed on a light weight cardstock, and the picture of the finished item is an actual 4x6 glossy photo. So nice! I decide that even though I'm sitting at my desk, and have work to do I want to read one of the patterns. The Long Cardigan intrigues me more although I plan to work on the green one first. So I put aside my addi needle and the green pattern. I look at the next sheet and it's another nicely presented pattern, but it's not what I ordered. So, I look through them -- yes, all two of them--again and it's this:

and this:

Of course I'm thinking they frigged it up and sent me that instead of this:

I check my receipt. I check my email confirmation. I check online and discover three times that I am the one who frigged up! UGH!!!!

I'm pretty sure it was the pull-down menu on the JB website, but really my fault for not checking it twice...you know? So, I suck it up and email them to say I frigged up and can I please exchange. It's an hour and no response so I call, and Yes, of course I can exchange it. Mail the wrong one back and as soon as we get it in the post we'll ship the correct one out to you. Wonderful! I drop it in the mail on my lunch hour, in a tyvek envelope with the protective cardboard backing they used because why should they get a damaged pattern because of my stupidity? Then when I get back to lunch there is a response from the email saying of course you can send it back!

So, not only does Jimmy Beans Wool ship out in less than 8 hours, they're kind to the not-so-bright among us. :)

Now if that wool would just get here from London I will be alright!


Anonymous daniella said...

great that they were able to help you out you were prolly in a rush because the patterns are so pretty!
sorry I could not make it to the s&b, I was overworked as usual :P

11 November, 2006 06:19  

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