17 May 2007

Visits and Sock Yarn and Shawls..Oh My!

Blogless Daniella came by to visit on Monday. It was great. She hasn’t been able to come to SnBs for a few weeks and it was great to see her. So, we’re in the apartment and I’m clearing stuff so she can sit (yes, clearing stuff…so many piles of paper!) and she pulls this fluffy peachy goodness out of a bag with and announcement that it was supposed to be a good luck with your surgery gift, but since the insurance company was screwing around so much she didn’t want to wait any more. It is gorgeous. It’s Zen Garden yarn in Fuzzy Navel. It’s soooo soft. Soooo squishy. Soooo nice! I don’t like the drink but I LOVE this yarn.

Over the past year or so…since I started school…Daniella has bought me the nicest sock yarns I’ve ever seen. There were a couple of hanks for my birthday last year. A couple of hanks from the Unwind Superbowl Sunday Sale. Another two hanks just because and now this. I cannot express my gratitude. These are yarns I have looked at and decided they’re not “in the budget,” and then Daniella shows up with them in some color that’s just perfect for me. Thank you Daniella!

So, here is the latest installment to my sock yarn collection:

Let me just say that I think the birthday yarn and the Superbowl Sunday Sale yarn will live on as a scarf and not socks. This peachy stuff however will be socks and will be worn proudly with my orange Crocs! Whoo hoo!

I’ve decided I’m going to follow Nic’s lead and make my grandma a shawl. I told her about it and asked her what color she wants. She said white…without a pause, white. Yeesh. As I started to try to suggest black would be a better choice she pre-empted my argument and said: white will match with everything and I don’t want black because it will pick up too much lint. I still tried to argue, and she sort of okay’d a blue shawl, but I’m going to give her what she wants.

I ordered a cone of Zephyr DK weight in White from Sarah’s Yarns. Sarah’s does a cool thing where she will send you a “try it before you buy it” sample to make a swatch of any of the yarns she sells. I asked for four samples. I’m excited about this arrival.

On to the pattern. I was just digging around on the net like I do and I came across Knitspot. Her work is beautiful.... B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! Absolutely gorgeous designs and a special perk for me is the borders are worked at the same time as the body of the shawl. I’m torn between two of the designs. One I think it more my grandma’s speed and has basically won out, but the other one will be a wrap for me someday….maybe out of the left over white zephyr and dyed to some color I find irresistible….Only time will tell.

Here are the designs:

Morning Glories will be for me:

Japanese Feather Stole for grandma:

I would like to do the Casino Shawl for her, but I’m not equipped…provisional cast-on of 300 odd stitches…not happening.

In surgery news….I was approved yesterday for the actual procedure and now the doctor’s office is supposed to submit for approval for me to see the specialists for the pre-op testing. Also, the surgeon wants a copy of the psychologists report which I’m having mailed to me so I can forward it on to them. We’ve taken one step forward. Hopefully, it won’t be another 7 to 10 business days for the approvals for the pre-ops and the surgeon’s office won’t drop the ball on submitting for the tests again. **sigh** All I can do is hope.


Anonymous daniella said...

I am hoping this comment goes
through. Sheesh.
You are very welcome. Almost every time I get yarn for myself, I see your favorite colors, and I can't resist:D I don't even remember picking up half of the stuff that you mentioned ;)such is my habit of internet yarn shopping.
Since I am no longer into clothes shopping, adding to my stash is actually a cheaper pursuit, and I do stick to a budget. All I know is that you work harder than anyone I know, dont get a day off from life, and you have so much courage..you deserve even more than just sock yarn if you ask me :D
congrats on geting the godamned approval and we are all here for you.
Those shawls are mesmerizing,
can't wait to see which one you choose!

17 May, 2007 15:36  
Anonymous daniella said...

for chrissakes it was about time
my comment goes through. Yay. Nay
for the two times blogger would not let me comment in the past weeks.

17 May, 2007 15:38  

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