29 October 2007


Not for the blog…there were so many iterations of my blogging in the beginning that I can’t remember when I actually started one....and not on blogger. This weekend is the fourth anniversary of my move to Los Angeles. I flew into the airport in Santa Ana at night and drove “home” with the glow of fires and smell of smoke to greet me. I’d read White Oleander which opens with a young girl looking out onto the fires, but it didn’t occur to me that there was really a fire season here. Ah well, we live and learn.

I was having a conversation with someone recently about my feelings about my new “home.” I was explaining to this friend that I have not acclimated. I was told that at 18 months I would be used to it, and at 3 years it would feel like home. I’m five days from my fourth year and still no shift in my feelings. I began to wonder at what keeps me from settling in….this morning I figured it out. It’s the drive to work. On that six mile half-hour to forty-five minute drive I think almost every single day about how much I hate living here. My morning commute keeps fresh the hate in my heart for Los Angeles. It’s because people are selfish and inconsiderate in a way that I have never EVER experienced before.

Last week one of the SnB ladies said she couldn’t make it to our gathering because the turn signals on her car weren’t working. I quipped about how people here don’t use them, but seriously. The only, ONLY reason I’ve seen most people here use them is to let you know that they are IN THE PROCESS OF cutting you off. Not to indicate that they need to merge, not to warn you of their impending action…it’s like an after though to the action. **sigh** I’m getting angry just writing about it. The other thing that people do on the road on my way to work is zoom past a line of cars waiting to make a merge and cutting into said line because they don’t want to wait. The line moves quickly and if you take that route once you know what to expect. I don’t let people in past a certain point on that path. I feel like it’s just part of the process to have to wait my turn and why the fuck should I let some jackass who feels they’re too good to wait in? Let me just reiterate that these are the things that keep the hate in my heart for LA fresh.
These were my morning thoughts. I did knit over the weekend...I've got an FO-sorta to show you....I'll be back later if I can.


Anonymous Christine said...

That is why I love taking the subway. It keeps my life and thoughts so much happier.

I just wish people realised that cutting in on a line of traffic is what creates the traffic in the 1st place, because everyone has to hit the brakes!

29 October, 2007 12:58  
Anonymous Tom said...

Wow, I hear ya sister. The traffic here can bring out your inner murderer! My only cure for that is to put on some rocking tunes and sing along at the top of my lungs. Oh yeah, and I do a lot of flipping off too. Christine hates it when I do it with her in the car, but let me tell ya, yelling and flipping people off really releases stress when I'm driving.

Ah, that's better, now back to my music...

30 October, 2007 16:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate in your heart? Breathe in , breathe out....SERENITY NOW!


07 November, 2007 09:04  
Blogger Denise said...

its really been 4 years!!
I remember going to see Emiril with you just a week or so before you left . . . And I wonder why I miss you so much!!

07 November, 2007 09:37  

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