09 November 2007

A Little Off Kilter

That's the feeling around her for me and my knitting that is.....I don't really feel like writing, but I have been reading and knitting.....although, sadly not at the same time. I would really just like to go home and get in bed and stay there. No phone, no errands, no people. Just me and my knitting and books and educational TV. Oh well.

The Little Sweater:

Senaiah's sweater of many colors is almost complete. I need to weave in the ends and turn it over to her parents. I told my brother that I wanted her to wear it with a jeans skirt and her mother told me they found one. I was stunned. Hopefully, it won't be embellished the way the ones I ran into were...although, with all of the colors in the sweater it might not matter. If I get a picture I will share it with you. Here are shots of the complete sweater and a close up of one front & the sleeve. I was all prepared to complain about the so-so instructions and color changes on the sleeve, but I don't have the energy. It came out nice. Clare told me it's the nicest thing I ever made...and Christine loves it too!

Wobbly Circles:

The Wobbly Circles tote is almost done as well. I need to do two lines of stitches on the bottom of the bag and then work on the felting.

Here are the sides at the end of the knitting:

And here we are after my fit of weaving in of the ends....I know that you don't need to weave in the ends, but since I'll need to do it and do a good job of it for Senaiah's sweater I decided to "practice" on these. It wasn't bad...I'm not saying I want to do it all the time, I'm just saying it wasn't bad.

And here it is one minute from completion. It needs stitching along the corners to form the bottom of the tote so that it can stand up. I love the way this came out! Lets hope this feeling persists through the felting process.

And now on the needles is the Lady E...no matter how much I work on her it seems like a never ending process. I was able to add almost a whole skein to her last night, which leaves me three to go.....maybe. I started with 8 skeins of the Silk Garden, and ordered 3 more...so, if I only plan to use 10 for the body then I'm more than half way done, but if I need more then my percentage of completion drops. No matter. I'm dedicated to her....strict monogamy because I want her ready for my trip home!


Blogger Debby said...

Wow, I love the things you are knitting. The sweater is beautiful and the circles are just great. I think I want to try the circles in my next project

10 November, 2007 09:50  
Anonymous Christine said...

The baby sweater is beautiful!! I love it!! The bag is fantastic too. I didn't know you were working on that. I can't wait to see it when it's felted. Don't get discouraged about the Lady E. You WILL finish before your trip. It WILL look beautiful when you where it in NY!! Stay positive!:)

12 November, 2007 13:20  

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