20 February 2008

I'm still here....I really am!

I'm out here and have been knitting quite a lot since November or so. I decided on some last minute Christmas knits that were treated to a lukewarm reception and no use since gifting day. **sigh** Why do I keep trying? Yes, of course it was something for the baby. Here she is in the Dream In Color Tulip. She looks pretty much the same, but is getting rather weighty.

Wait! Where the hell are the place photo options? Why? Why do they keep changing things?

What is the point of a blog with no pictures? Sure I've got witty reparte, but damn, it's a knitting blog and now I can't seem to upload pictures. This kills my desire to blog.

Let me dig around a bit and see if I can find the option somewhere. If not you'll have to look me up on Ravelry.

Be back in a few.


Anonymous Christine said...

What about those of us NOT on Ravelry?? We still want to read your blog!!

04 April, 2008 15:38  

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