24 May 2007

I don't want to

I don't feel like talking or writing or communicating with anyone. I'm drained and I want to just pull into myself and try to regroup.

I've been thinking about Crazy Aunt Purl alot lately. It amazes me how much support she gets from her readership when she exposes her weak spots. I share things--not so much on this blog, but with people in real life--and I'm often ridiculed and looked down upon for my weaknesses. What makes one person worthy of love and support, and another a target for rude remarks and ridicule? Is it something in me? Something in people's perception of me? What people think I am able to "handle?" I was told once by my brother that he doesn't help me--even when I ask for help--because I'm the strong one. Funny, I don't feel very strong.

Anyway, those are my musings for today.

On to knitting news:


I went to the Stitch-n-Pitch on Tuesday. It was fun. The so-called Tevana-B-Party was not the largest group within the Unwind group and we were spread out all on one row. Hard to talk that way, but in the end we shifted around to empty seats in the stands and were generally comfortable for the second half of the game. It was quick and I was happy about that. The bag from Unwind was fine. I ended up making the square with the yarn that they gave me. There was yarn left over and I think it's more than enough to make a second and maybe third square as well. I'll have to try to fit it in.

To be perfectly honest I haven't really looked through the bag I got at the stadium. I know I got a crochet hook. I gave away my ball of yarn which was lavendar scented I think.....It wasn't enough to make anything unless you had more than one ball so I gave mine to Joseline so she can make a scarf if she likes. It will build her stash. When I look thru the bag I'll let you know how I feel about it.

The highlight of the game for me was I got to meet Crazy Aunt Purl. She acted like she knew who I was from some emails we exchanged and that was really nice. She also took a picture of me on her way out of the stands, but alas I didn't make it onto the blog. Probably a good thing cause I'm sure (SURE, SURE, SURE!) that I looked horrible!

Grandma's Shawl

I haven't touched it in two days and I'm feeling guilty. It takes a level of concentration and clean hands that wasn't possible at the Stich-n-Pitch or Priscilla's last night. So it has not grown any larger than the pictures show.

Here is the shawl and the cone from whence it came:


One of the reasons I decided to go with the Unwind group to the Stitch-n-Pitch was for the discount. Hey, I'm on a budget! Anway, I got some yarn that I've sort of been thinking about and an impulse purchase. I also got some tools in the post.

Here is a new hank of Jitterbug.

I can get two socks out of the hank easy, but what to do with the leftovers? I thought I would get a colorway that would work with the leftovers from Diana's socks and make a pair for myself with that bit and the leftovers from a pair I was going to make for Madeline. Of course they didn't have the colorway I had in mind so I bought the one that I thought would work best with the Castanga......not so much, eh?

I'll probably keep this for myself and keep on the look out for the one I really want for her.

Do I need to explain this choice? AND IT'S ORANGE!?!?!?!?!?

I got these for me. There was a sample worked up in a funky basketweave pattern that I just kept going back to fondle. I just couldn't let it go....So much so that after we got back and Nic was paying for her stuff I stood and counted stitches to try to figure out the pattern. I've got someone to help me perfect it. I'm super excited....a long orange scarf!!!

And finally, I got these in the mail on Tuesday from Moonrise Lace Knitting.

The price was only $12 for the lace ones and $10 for the Addi Turbo that I ordered. She sent them to me with a level of trust that is UNHEARD of today. I got them in an envelop with an invoice. That's right, she sent them to me trusting that I will make good on the trust she has given me. I'm touched that there is someone out there who still believes in people this much....maybe she just believes in knitters. May her trust never be in vain. I'm putting my check in the mail today!


Anonymous laurie said...

I think I was a little tipsy, or maybe suffering vertigo, so 37 of the 40 pics I took that night were blurry, including yours. Nice!

It was lovely to meet you, and I knew who you were as soon as you said your name.

25 May, 2007 09:32  
Anonymous daniella said...

I hope next year that the Tevana
Butcher party can sit maybe on two rows and we can all be closer. But it was fun regardless.
That shawl looks exquisite. And I am always happy to see you treat yourself :) yay!
It was great to catch a glimpse of CrazyAuntPurl. She looked pretty
and not at all like she was hating the heights :D

27 May, 2007 07:56  

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