08 May 2008

It's been a long time...

"I shouldn't have left you, without a strong beat to step to...think how many weak shows you slept thru...times up, sorry I kept you..." (anyone know the song? artist?)

I'm still around. Still knitting. Back in school. I've been super busy and disinclined to write. I'm feeling up to it this evening. I hope you're still out there!

So, there's really waaaaay too much knitting to rehash in one post. I'll try to give you the short versions of projects as we go along, but tonight's post is especially for Nic & Christine...and Tom & Dan....I made a purchase and I think it will excite them. It didn't do much for the Atwater knitting ladies, but for the Burbank bunch it should be a little bit more interesting.

So, I haven't had a lot of time to read blogs either, but there was a lull at work and headed over to make. see. eat. do. to catch up with what Tom & Christine have been up to. I read all the way back to his post about their Red Hot entry...can I just say reading this blog makes me want to eat! Anywho, I read and thought, why isn't this item available here? I wonder if.... And so it went. I made a purchase.

I must say being busy at work has been wonderful for my saving plans, and not working at a computer will probably be even better....back to the tale at hand. I found it on the web. I'm not sure what the website was, and I have absolutely NO idea how much it cost me in dollars, but it's now with me. So, there is a Red Hot in Burbank and a Berry in Glassell Park. Maybe we can get them together to have a party! Whoo hoo!

So, there was lots of knitting...this week I've worked on Oblique, Verde Verde Verde, Kasan's Slippers and my teal sock...quite exciting really. I have even crocheted in my long absence.

Here is Oblique, for me, which I am particulary proud of:

I'll be back soon! I promise.


Blogger happy2knit said...

T- that color for your Oblique is beyond gorgeous. I'm so glad I bought some too! Can't wait to see yours done. Maybe we can wear them on the same day and be twins! (ok, don't gag too much there ;-))

10 May, 2008 23:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man, now I have total flavour shaker envy! Your berry color is way cooler than our red hot...hmmm, maybe I'll have to switch them out on you when you're not looking! Ha!

Great to have you back in the blogosphere too! We missed you, baby! And as for the song lyrics...is that from "I know you got soul" by Eric B. and Rakim?

17 May, 2008 04:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, OK...I'll come clean, I totally cheated and googled those song lyrics...

Sorry, but I was dying to know the answer! :)

17 May, 2008 04:26  
Anonymous Christine said...

Yeah! I love the flavor shaker . I forgot to tell you and Nic that we went to Fresh & Easy last week. We bought some very tasty treats there! Keep up the writing!

17 May, 2008 16:52  

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