31 May 2007

And here I am...

I still don’t feel like blogging, but I figured I’d do it anyway.

I’ve read other bloggers, and seen them write that they feel weird if they don’t have a sock on the needles. I often think—well, used to think—why? Knitting is knitting, right? Well, I’ve discovered it’s not. I don’t have a burning need to keep socks on the needles per say, but I do have a burning need to have portable knitting. For me, these days, portable also means mindless, and that has somehow worked its way into meaning socks. Tuesday morning I rushed out of the house and realized I’d forgotten all of my knitting upstairs. I was running late and didn’t want to take the time to go back up to the apartment to get the current sock. So, I took a deep breath, got in the car and left. As the time for me to leave the office to go to the cardiologist approached I began to regret the decision more and more. I thought about leaving extra early so I could go home and pick up the sock. It also crossed my mind to go up to Needle in a Haystack to buy more yarn. The little bookkeeper in the back of my head said no to that one. So, I was headed off to the doctor’s office with no knitting to keep my hands busy and my heart rate under control. Then I realized I did have knitting with me. I had finished the booties for Diana and she told me I could have the extra yarn. So, I started a baby hat with the leftover baby cashmerino and one of the circulars I always carry with me. The doctor and his nurse both commented on the knitting, and I felt better.

So, in light of the fact that socks have become my portable mindless knitting I present you with the yarn that will become Clessidra:

I’m not crazy about burgundy/maroon (I wore maroon pants/skirts for my high school uniform and I'm over it--along with pink and grey), but this is very pretty yarn. It has a slight sheen. I’m not going to unpackage it because in the end I will just put it back into a plastic bag to store anyway. Clessidra is by no means mindless knitting, but the yarn was on sale (Thanks for the enabling Clare!) and I was awestruck by the pattern as soon as Knitty published it. It may wait until I can concentrate and continue to crank out plain jane socks, but at least I have the yarn in the stash, right?

Another Cuff

The other item that I’ve knitted many of, but am no longer enamored with is Mary Ella from Knitty. It’s a beautiful piece. So nice to feel…run your fingers over. This one is for Daniella. She bought the stuff to make it a while ago and had a hard time with the gauge so I agreed to knit it for her. I wasn’t given a time frame for completion (until last Sunday) and amazingly that was the day I got it done! Ahhhhhh……..So, without further ado, here is the latest Mary Ella in very watermelon-esq colors. I think I was able to capture the green of the beads this time.

As you can see I have not actually finished. The ends need to be woven in, and the clasp needs to be sewn on, but for that I need to dig out the thread, and I'm not entirely sure where I put it during the great pre-surgery clean up of '07. I'm doing a Scarlett O'Hara on this one....anyone know the reference?

Today I am carrying the little hat, and my Trekking XXL sock. The yarn is eh, and the colors are horrendous, but it’s a stockinette sock, I’ve got an appointment with the gastroenterologist, and my restless hands have some thing to do.

Edited to add: OMG! Crazy Aunt Purl commented on my blog!?!?!?! I hope I dind't offend her [You, Laurie] by saying that I thought she was just being nice! I'm even more impressed that she remembered me because I imagine she gets hundreds of emails and I apparently made an impression. So, Hi CAP! -- tb


Anonymous daniella said...

I was seriously joking about hurrying up with my Mary Ella. Honestly! but I am thrilled that you are almost done with it--its soo pretty. I have a family dinner soon and I cant wait to show it off!
Love your future project socks they do look like the mother of all time consuming sock knitting.
Hope you can get to those soon.
Sorry I could not make it to the
S&B tonight..

31 May, 2007 16:23  
Anonymous nic said...


I got the Interweave mag - yey! Thank you v much. Also I think I will design you a bag that will hold your knitting and have it attach to you in someway so you never forget it, (and embroider your name somewhere on it!)

You were missed on wednesday night. I have UK friends in town this week but shes a knitwear designer and might be up for coming to snb. I'll let you know. xxxx

01 June, 2007 23:47  

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