28 May 2008


I had to go back to school in February...not sure if I mentioned that before. I figured a week or two and I would be free...on my way to a site to begin my new career. Things haven't happened that way. I'm still in school...three months later...and last weekend was the three month mark. I'm fighting the bitterness. I'm just saying.

All along school to me has meant knitting time for me. I knit LOTS of socks during classes. It kept me calm and able to sit quietly and watch other people scan. It kept me from getting anxious while the poor scanners were on the job. It kept me alert during lectures. In my world School = Sock Knitting. My current teacher is not so excited about my knitting...not the knitting per se because she knits herself, but she is not happy about me knitting while patients are in the room....or when she thinks I should be scanning.

This weekend I'd pulled out the pink socks I started with the intention of working on them at Unleash The Power Within. After two repeats I decided that the pattern was too complicated and I needed something simpler to work on and the teal socks were started. Ironically, that pattern was too complicated as well, and not as nice as the picture so the sock was frogged and restarted at the seminar and in the end there was too much jumping around for much knitting to get done.

Anyway, I took the Pink Primaveras with me to school....blind hope that I would get a free moment or two to knit. At one point during the day on Saturday, while a patient was being scanned by another student, I glanced over and saw this:

Those two and a half inches were all that I had been able to produce in terms of knitting and only about half an inch had been produced that day. The longing it produced was palpable. It made me sad that I was stuck in class watchign this inept person fuck up a simple scan and not be able to quell my nervousness with my knitting.

Although, in the end the weekend wasn't all bad for the knitting. By Sunday afternoon I had turned the heel and made my way down the foot of the sock. I think it was because there were two extra bodies in the room that made the teacher let me slack off and knit, but whatever the reason I'm really happy. She was feeling lethargic and some other students showed up, and she let me sit and knit, and by the end of Sunday I was halfway down the foot on that little sock you see up there. Hopefully, I'll have my site very shortly and I won't need to knit to calm my nerves in class anymore.

08 May 2008

It's been a long time...

"I shouldn't have left you, without a strong beat to step to...think how many weak shows you slept thru...times up, sorry I kept you..." (anyone know the song? artist?)

I'm still around. Still knitting. Back in school. I've been super busy and disinclined to write. I'm feeling up to it this evening. I hope you're still out there!

So, there's really waaaaay too much knitting to rehash in one post. I'll try to give you the short versions of projects as we go along, but tonight's post is especially for Nic & Christine...and Tom & Dan....I made a purchase and I think it will excite them. It didn't do much for the Atwater knitting ladies, but for the Burbank bunch it should be a little bit more interesting.

So, I haven't had a lot of time to read blogs either, but there was a lull at work and headed over to make. see. eat. do. to catch up with what Tom & Christine have been up to. I read all the way back to his post about their Red Hot entry...can I just say reading this blog makes me want to eat! Anywho, I read and thought, why isn't this item available here? I wonder if.... And so it went. I made a purchase.

I must say being busy at work has been wonderful for my saving plans, and not working at a computer will probably be even better....back to the tale at hand. I found it on the web. I'm not sure what the website was, and I have absolutely NO idea how much it cost me in dollars, but it's now with me. So, there is a Red Hot in Burbank and a Berry in Glassell Park. Maybe we can get them together to have a party! Whoo hoo!

So, there was lots of knitting...this week I've worked on Oblique, Verde Verde Verde, Kasan's Slippers and my teal sock...quite exciting really. I have even crocheted in my long absence.

Here is Oblique, for me, which I am particulary proud of:

I'll be back soon! I promise.