25 January 2006

Success with Socks!

OMG!!! I have wanted to take a picture like this for some time now. I've been secretly coveting Dixie's socks (I'm not sure if it started with that post where she washed and hung her socks on the home made hangers or before, but it's there) and now I have made some of my own...I won't, however, be keeping this pair. My first pair. :) They're going to Madeline. I'm not fond of the yarn (Lumber Jack Black), and she is, so she gets them. So, here now is a picture of my feet in socks that I made! (just imagine the trumpets in your head like I do)

Okay, I've been labeled a finisher of projects....and in line with that thought I've finished a scarf for myself (no pic). It's a navy blue speckled thing. I've had the wool for YEARS. I bought it to crochet with, but it puffed in spots and wouldn't work for the project I had in mind so I bagged it up and stashed it in disgust. Last week's cold spell got me to thinking about how I only have one scarf and it does NOT match everything I wear, so more scarves for me. I've got a multidirectional one on the needle now, but I need another ball. It's the Futura di Crosa 127 Print in black. I like it, alot. I also started a plain black one out of Simply Soft, but I'm not really sure how I feel about it....I'll probably be pulling it out yet again.

I finished the pieces for Tara's sweater, but haven't put it together yet...perhaps this weekend. I think that's all the finishing I've done lately.

The two crocheted afghans, and the knitted one are still looking at me accusingly.

I also started another pair of socks for myself. They're out of Lion Brand Magic Stripe in Sea Blue Stripe, and I'm using the Broadripple Pattern from knitty.com. I've put them down in an effort to finish a brown hat I started for Teresa over a year ago.

Work has settled down a bit, and conversations with Heather of the Burbank SnB and Daniella of the Atwater SnB have helped me decide to go to Maric for that Ultra-sound program. I may keep this job while going to school because it's just easier with all of the variables involved. Just let me vent if I need to!

Next on the needles, Chemo Caps for Karen's cause, and a scarf for my aunt Lorie.


13 January 2006

Happy New Year?

OMG! This has been the week from hell...and it actually started going downhill on the 3rd of January. I knew someone who was fond of saying, it's bad when you can see it coming and not be able to do anything about it. I saw it coming, and tried to prepare myself, but I underestimated the ego of a woman hungry for approval. My employer's consultant pushed me to the edge of all that I know is good. She caused him to anger me in a way that I did not think possible... I was so angry I was unable to speak. I think the only reason I'm still employed today is the fact that I have rent to pay. Catch up with me and I'll give you all the dirty details of the encounter.

On to needle news....I mailed off three, wait no FOUR finished objects today. The socks for my dad. They are enormous, probably not going to fit him, but it's the thought that counts, right? They're made out of Perfect Match, from that pattern from Weekend Knits or Knitting (can't remember).

These pictures were taken while they were still in process.

I sent Denise the scarf I made for her last August. I'd forgotten all about it and found it in a bag of yarn under my bed when I was searching for the purple yarn to finish Ella's scarf. You know that's a sign that you have too much yarn, right?

I think it's made from Berroco Lullaby and it's crocheted, Lattice stitch pattern.

Ella's scarf is the most complicated knitted item I've completed so far and I'm pretty proud of it. It's been done for more than a week, but I've been scared to steam it....I finally conquered that fear yesterday. I think I was spurred on by my need to settle some of the anger before I left home for work. Ella has been a dear friend for years and years and doing this made me think of the happiness it will bring her, so I did it. I had to sort of put it in traction to make sure it didn't roll up while I was at work.

After the steaming I hung it on a pants hanger from my bedroom door, and it curled, so I attached a second pants hanger to the bottom and it still curled in the center, so I thumb tacked it to the door too....was a little worried, but it worked. :)

And I sent Madeline the second iteration of the black hat I worked so hard on before my trip to NY. I don't have a picture of that one, but it doesn't look anything like the pattern I used.....not sure if I'm retarded or what, but it just didn't work out for me. The hats look okay, are actually cute, BUT they don't look like the picture.

Speaking of pictures, here's what my first set of braids looked like. I loved them but they didn't love me so much, they started to fall out after a week. I have a new set now, and I don't really like them - think Diana Ross - but they don't fall out.

In the picture I'm working on picking up a dropped stitch in those lumberjack socks...don't worry, I'll get to them to. Do you see that yellow stuff on the windowsill? Looks like the picture of fungus on Danielle's blog, right? I knew it was this foam insulation my Grandpa is fond of, but it still freaked me out a bit to sleep under it. Ah well...what can you do?

ttfn! tb