17 June 2008


There are constant discussions about how to define a WIP (work in progress) and a UFO (unfinished object). In my humble opinion, a WIP is something that I have every intention of finishing and soon. A UFO is something that I started and abandoned and may or may not finish up…ever.

With this distinction in mind I would like to point out that I have seven WIPs going. Well, really just six because all I have to do for one is weave in the ends.

My six projects, as named on Ravelry, and their status are:

1. My Mystery Pi: I saw this mystery shawl KAL and decided I needed to do this. I’m not sure why. PLUS I bought new and interesting yarn to make it. I did learn something new…a circular cast-on with laceweight yarn. This is the thing that has prevented me from making The Veil of Isis. Now that I’ve got it –ahem—mastered I will start the Veil of Isis with less apprehension. That project scares me but I WANT it….just like I want the Forest Path Stole…but that’s another story. I have finished the first clue. It took me two tries because I was talking on the phone, but it was done pretty quickly. I figure she’s easing us into some massive chart as not to scare off knitters new to lace. I was stunned to see people having trouble with this first clue. I guess there’s no gauging what will be considered easy to everyone.

2. Oblique in Aporto: I liked this sweater as soon as I saw the pattern on Knitty, but figured there was too much of me to look good in that sweater. Well, there is less of me now and Webs had a sale and I’ve started this sweater. I have stopped working on this sweater so that I can finish another WIP that I’m sick of looking at…..

3. Maddie’s Verde: I can’t even talk about this. All I can say is that I thought it would be so much easier. I’m on square 11 of the 12 and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Nan’s Baby #2 Blanket: I have a friend in NY that I thought would never marry or have children. I was wrong. I needed a blanket for her second child and decided crochet would be a good idea. I’m not crazy about the yarn worked up, but it’s almost done. I just need to get to finishing it up. I think what stalled me is not knowing what to do about the edge. Most of the time I don’t bother with any finishing of crocheted blankets, but I feel like this one needs an edge and I’m not sure what to do. I still haven't taken a picture of this...

5. Marine Shawl: This is Juno Regina from Knitty by Miriam Felton. I just KNEW I was going to get the monster part of this shawl completed while I winged my way to NY LAST DECEMBER…didn’t happen….the best laid plans, right? So, I’m in that center section….forty-two inches of what is basically stockinette…but oh so easy to fuck up. I want to get it done, but it’s just not happening.
6. Morandi Montego Bay: This is a scarf pattern from Interweave Knits….maybe Summer 2008…it’s pretty and seems to be a good fit for this yarn…which I love, but has given me horrors in finding a suitable pattern. Hopefully, it will soften up a bit in the wash and be a joy to wear.

There you have it. An update on my work....I know a little short on pictures, but I have my limits...check Ravelry to see more. :)

04 June 2008

So Pissed Off....

I often knit for other people…to be honest most of my knitting seems to be done for other people. The only things I’ve got in my place that I’ve knit for me are socks, hat and scarves….and that 1/8th of an extra large Big Bad Baby Blanket, but I’m only referring to finished objects. I know it's mainly because it was difficult to knit a sweater for myself before the weight loss. You don’t think of the extra yarn that’s needed (well I didn’t), until you figure out the yardage. So, while some people can get a sweater out of 900 yards, I needed almost twice that amount….not a cheap proposition. I’m down to needing about 1200 yards and that makes me happy. But I digress. I knit for other people and am wondering how to deal with being angry at the person I’m knitting for in the middle of a project.

I have been working on a project for a friend for months now (since December) and she pissed me off yesterday. I sent her an email asking for her work address because I don’t know what the security is like at her home if a package can’t fit in the mail box. She sends me an email with the address and a note saying “save it this time.” My reaction was: What? The? Fuck? I’m sending you something, and all you can think to say is save it this time. As if it’s a bother to you for me to ask for this address. If someone asked me for my address every day for a year I’d just fucking give it to them and not act as if it’s a bother to me.

**breathe** My neck is tensing up.

So, I go home and I make banana bread for my local friends. As I’m waiting by the oven I knit. I finish up the first scarf for the soldiers and then start the second one. Then I pull out The Project. My annoyance flashes through my mind as I begin to work on it and I glance over and see the pile:

This pile represents six months of work…off and on, but mostly on….so much on that the SnB ladies have asked when it’s going to be done. Imagine them asking when they only see it once a week and how I feel about it seeing it every single day?

I begin to muse about being pissed off in the midst of this epic project. How would I handle it if I’d been pissed off enough to shoot back a snide remark and probably end the friendship? She’s had a hard half year or so…and has developed a habit of dishing it out but not taking it in very well. As I knit the center of the first of the last four squares I thought about that story of the angry kid with the nails in the fence. And think she put a nail in my fence today. Then I thought, maybe I’m just being too sensitive because I’m not feeling well….I need a Red Tent is all I’m saying. So, while I pondered these things I never stopped knitting. I am about halfway through the first of the last four squares which puts me at 70.83% complete….

Here are all the squares of the epic project…just three and a half more to go before I begin the finishing:

I want this thing done and out of my house....after that it's all knitting for T all the time......although there are several stash members that are earmarked especially for gifts for her....I'll have to chop it back to special occasions only.