09 November 2006

Kind, even to the not-too-bright among us

Yes, and that not-too-bright would be me.

I ordered that stuff from Jimmy Beans Wool, and it came today. I was so excited. I cut open the tyvek envelope, impressed that they would use an envelope that won't allow the pattern to get damaged. I dumped it all out on my desk and it was two patterns in nice 3-hole sleeve protectors, the addi turbo, my receipt AND a single wrapped Twizzler! And candy too!!!

So, I'm checking out the patterns. It's printed on a light weight cardstock, and the picture of the finished item is an actual 4x6 glossy photo. So nice! I decide that even though I'm sitting at my desk, and have work to do I want to read one of the patterns. The Long Cardigan intrigues me more although I plan to work on the green one first. So I put aside my addi needle and the green pattern. I look at the next sheet and it's another nicely presented pattern, but it's not what I ordered. So, I look through them -- yes, all two of them--again and it's this:

and this:

Of course I'm thinking they frigged it up and sent me that instead of this:

I check my receipt. I check my email confirmation. I check online and discover three times that I am the one who frigged up! UGH!!!!

I'm pretty sure it was the pull-down menu on the JB website, but really my fault for not checking it twice...you know? So, I suck it up and email them to say I frigged up and can I please exchange. It's an hour and no response so I call, and Yes, of course I can exchange it. Mail the wrong one back and as soon as we get it in the post we'll ship the correct one out to you. Wonderful! I drop it in the mail on my lunch hour, in a tyvek envelope with the protective cardboard backing they used because why should they get a damaged pattern because of my stupidity? Then when I get back to lunch there is a response from the email saying of course you can send it back!

So, not only does Jimmy Beans Wool ship out in less than 8 hours, they're kind to the not-so-bright among us. :)

Now if that wool would just get here from London I will be alright!

07 November 2006

Singing Praises

I've been known to malign a yarn seller or two in my time, so I thought it fitting to sing the praises of one that has treated me exceptionally well.

I've been in a piss poor mood for days. The shit at school isn't getting any better, mind you, it's new things that are going bad. I'm tired of the fight. So in a moment of serious angst I started reading blogs. I ended up on Wool Windings and I'm not even sure how. She mentioned in an older post that she's working on this sweater. I look at it and think, that's really nice. Then I read that it comes in my size. AND that it's the Rowan DK yarn that's dirt cheap on Cucumberpatch UK. Oh no!

I ordered not only that pattern, but this one too. PLUS the two addi needles I'll need to work on it, AND the yarn in Drizzle. I ordered one needle and the two patterns from Jimmy Beans Wool. I placed my order at 4:54 pm while sitting at my desk, and at 8:22 pm I received an email from Jimmy Beans Wool telling me that my order had shipped. OMG! This is amazing! The email read:

Your order is being shipped today & should be in your mailbox shortly.

Thanks again and we hope to hear from you soon,

I heart Jimmy! If only his yarn were within my spending range! Anywho, let's see how Cucumberpatch does. Did you know that our size 6 (4.25mm) is not available in the UK? Interesting, which is why one needle was ordered with the patterns and one with the yarn.

Wish me luck on this!

Yes, I'm broke and should NOT be shopping. Ugh!!

And btw, I did finally get my camera back. She had the unmitigated gall (one of my favorite phrases) to call me up and say, "I've taken a shower and don't want to get dressed so why don't you come up the stairs on my end and pick up the camera."

Un.believe.able! Yes, I went and got it. No, she’ll never borrow it again. Pictures soon!

03 November 2006

An FO with no camera to document

I attempted to assist someone by lending them my camera for "10 minutes" because their camera broke and they HAD to email a picture of an item they were selling to a prospective buyer. Not being one to hold anyone down, or inhibit anyone's progress I reluctantly loaned the camera. That "10 minutes" has last for almost two weeks now.

In the interim I have completed a pair of socks out of the fake Fixation from Elann. So, I've got a FO but no camera to upload a picture here for you. Yes, you're right, I'm using this as a forum to bitch and moan about how inconsiderate people are, and how stupid I am for trying to help. What this means is that the next time this person is in "need" they won't be getting any help from me. I don't mind helping, but I really don't like being taken advantage of....you know what I mean?

So, God willing and the creek don't rise I'll have my camera and accompanying cable back this evening and will be able to resume the taking of pictures to post here for your perusal.

Anyway, I finished this pattern, which I REALLY like (basic stockinette) in the size it's written for. I'm now trying to work the pattern with this yarn in a larger size for a man's foot. The first pair is in Aegean Sea and the man's pair in Coffee Bean. I'm happy with them and it took me less than two weeks for the first pair. If I can get the second pair done as quickly I can mail them off before Thanksgiving! Wish me luck!